Gia Allemand is a swimsuit model from New York, N.Y. She is vying for the heart of Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor, ABC's long-running...

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ABC prepared viewers for Juan Pabloc Galavis as The Bachelor last night, airing a special countdown to tonight's Season 18 premiere that took viewers behind the scenes with the hopeful husband.

Toward the end of the hour, however, the mood went from sexy to somber as Chris Harrison and company paid tribute to Gia Allemand.

The former contestant committed suicide last August.

Gia Allemand Close Up

Harrison opened the moving segment by introducing clips of Allemand talking about life and love.

"I just hope people remember my kind heart," she said in the footage. "I have a kind heart for people. That's what I hope people remember me for."

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Ryan Anderson fought through tears Monday discussing his girlfriend Gia Allemand's death in August and saying he plans to start a foundation in her honor.

Anderson, who plays for the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans, opened up during the team's media day, telling reporters he hadn't planned to talk about it.

He obliged and took questions, however, and tearfully said "we have a huge plan to do something great in her name that's going to help a lot of people."

Gia Allemand, who was a reality star on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, attempted to commit suicide in August after a bitter fight with Ryan Anderson.

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The Bachelor star Gia Allemand, who took her own life last month, often suffered major mood swings that her mother believes were caused by one major factor:

Her menstrual cycle.

Gia Allemand, Mom

A grieving Donna Micheletti told Dr. Phil Tuesday that daughter Gia's intense PMS clouded her thinking and likely contributed to her suicide attempt.

"She was not depressed. Sometimes, when it was that time of the month, she would get insecure and go to a dark spot, and feel like nobody cared," Micheletti said.

"She just snowballed."

Donna, who lives in New York, she spoke to her in New Orleans the night of Gia Allemand's suicide attempt and booked her a flight to visit the next day.

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The late Bachelor star Gia Allemand was on the phone with her mother as she hanged herself August 12, Donna Micheletti has chillingly revealed.

Micheletti's voice choked with tears in an interview with Dr. Phil as she discussed her daughter's last moments as she tried to commit suicide.

Gia Allemand's mother was on the phone with her when she decided she couldn't go on. Why does Micheletti think that the reality star called her?

"I'm the closest person in the world to her and she didn't want to be alone when she left this world. So she wanted Mommy to be there, I guess."

"It destroys me but if it made her feel better, that's fine. I don't mind dealing with this."

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Ryan Anderson misses his late girlfriend Gia Allemand. Every minute of every day. He made this clearer than ever in a Twitter tribute he posted.

The NBA player posted a photo of himself and The Bachelor star, writing:

"Every second of everyday, I miss you Petrie. I feel lost without you but find strength knowing that you are in Heaven. Rest in peace my love."

Ryan Anderson, Gia Allemand

The tweet came a day after Anderson joined Gia Allemand's family and friends at her funeral in New York. Gia took her own life earlier this month.

Anderson had found Allemand unconscious in mid-August in her New Orleans home after she apparently hanged herself with a vacuum cord.

She was taken to a nearby hospital and was later pronounced dead.

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Gia Allemand, the beautiful and well-liked star of The Bachelor who shockingly took her own life last week, was laid to rest in her native New York Thursday.

Her boyfriend, the NBA star Ryan Anderson, attended the funeral and was spotted being embraced by Gia's family. Many of her co-stars were also present.

The sports star has been struggling with Gia's death, which reportedly occurred after they had been fighting a lot and Ryan tried to break up with her.

It has also been reported that she suffered from insecurities and depression.

Whatever the case, he was seen clutching Gia's mother tight at the funeral, which brought together some of Allemand's closest friends and colleagues.

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Gia Allemand's relationship with NBA star Ryan Anderson continues to be the focal point of coverage of The Bachelor star's tragic suicide last week.

Earlier today, it was reported that Anderson broke up with her, or was in the process of doing so, just hours before she decided to take her own life.

Now, Us Weekly's new cover story claims that the New Orleans Pelicans player "started breakup talks" and that "they were fighting a lot."

Gia Allemand Suicide Cover

One insider says that The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad beauty, who dated him for over two years, was upset with their disparate visions of the future.

Not surprisingly, the big issue at stake was commitment.

Gia Allemand, 29 at the time of her death, wanted to get married and have a family, the source says, but Anderson, 25, "wasn't ready to commit."

As a result, the two argued constantly.

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Was Bachelor star Gia Allemand dumped by boyfriend Ryan Anderson just before taking her own life? That's the implication of a surprising new report.

Gia Allemand and Ryan Anderson Photo

According to TMZ, the reality star and NBA player, who had been together for two years, had a huge fight. One which ended with Anderson telling her:

"I don't love you anymore."

Moreover, Gia Allemand had accused him of being unfaithful during lunch the day she died. It's not clear if he was, or how he reacted to that.

But on the ride back to her house (they stopped at a Walgreens to get her NyQuil), Gia told Ryan she still loved him, and he said it was not reciprocal.

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Producers of The Bachelor say they had no idea Gia Allemand, who took her own life last week, was battling severe depression or any mental problems.

Moreover, they say on-set therapists are available, since competing against others for the attention of one person can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Gia Allemand Bikini Pic

"We go to great lengths to make sure that people are okay," show host Chris Harrison said in response to Gia's passing. "We have a support system."

"We're cognizant this is an emotional thing they are feeling."

Gia Allemand, a Season 14 contestant on the hit ABC show, died on August 14 after being removed from life support following an apparent suicide.

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Gia Allemand's mother Donna Micheletti issued an official statement this morning to set the record straight regarding The Bachelor star's death.

The model and fourth-place finisher on Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor was a fan favorite for her alluring personality even more than her looks.

This made Wednesday's death of Gia Allemand from an apparent suicide even more shocking. What went wrong and what led her to such extreme measures?

Donna Micheletti, Gia's mom, did not offer any of those details.

However, she sought to refute the rampant theories and remarks that have come out about her late daughter and her life in the past 72 hours.

Released through a media rep, Micheletti's statement said:

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