Lady Gaga: Topless, Too Skinny in V Magazine?

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You may not believe this, but we have a story today about Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga nude, no less. Today, it's V Magazine again doing the revealing honors.

It's not weird yoga poses and prancing around naked for the Abramovic Method raising eyebrows this time, though. It's Gaga's body ... or lack thereof.

Lady Gaga Topless, Skinny
Lady Gaga Topless Photograph

We've seen Lady Gaga topless lots of times - she seems more willing than ever to share - but two of the recent batch of V photos have some people concerned.

Yes, a lot comes down to the editing, the pose, and the angle ... but that is a seriously concave stomach and those are bones showing. It's ... unusual.

Considering that she's battled exhaustion in the past, and it isn't the first time fan have worried about her health, it's no surprise that the debate has resurfaced.

Compare the images above to two other Lady Gaga photos and tell us below:

Lady Gaga Side Boob
Lady Gaga Topless V Magazine Cover

Is Lady Gaga too skinny?


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