Ben Affleck Batman Casting: Ridiculed on Twitter!

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Not everyone is enthralled by the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.

The Oscar winner has officially been cast as the Caped Crusdar in the wildly anticipated Man of Steel sequel.

He will star opposite Henry Cavill as Superman and, well, let's just say that a couple blots on Affleck's resume have some Twitters users concerned. Some famous Twitter users, no less, who took to the social network to react to the news...

... and made us laugh pretty hard in the process.

Read a few of their messages in the following video and then vote in our poll:

What do YOU think of Ben Affleck as Batman?


Michael Keaton for Batman!!!


Now dat i think bout it, maybe they should've given him the role from batmanbegins, and he definitely shouldn't have don de daredevil part. he really has the broad shoulders,height,and the big build something like the comics,unlike christian bale who was very skinny,and just played along nicely,i never credited christian bale for the new batman trilogy, it was Christopher Nolan all along,the genius behind memento,the prestige,inception and of course the trilogy.any actor under him will excel, its a no brainer. wid that being said christian bale is an excellent actor with originality in his role approach,, nd even one of my favorite actor for any role. but im not sure if zack snyder and david goyer can bring out the quality in ben. anyhow, i m excited and waiting for it already. please make a good one and as explosive as possible.


So, they have been dealing with a terrible actor playing Batman thus far (Christian Bale), and now object to a new "terrible" actor taking the helm?

@ Rynosaur

Thank you! Exactly!

@ Ashley

Not that I mean to say Christian Bale is a TERRIBLE actor, but he is certainly not the perfect Batman like people are making him out to be.

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