Andrew Silverman to Simon Cowell: You Home-Wrecker!

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Oh Simon Cowell. You may have been blindsided by Lauren Silverman's pregnancy but Andrew Silverman isn't fooled.

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Quite the contrary actually.

Silverman claims that Cowell and Lauren Silverman were getting it on while the two were still married. This is despite Cowell's assertions that there was no physical relationship until after the Silverman marriage was kaput.

According to TMZ, Andrew Silverman is wanting out of Dodge in speedy fashion. Hoping to settle financial and custody matters quickly so he can get away from his wife and Cowell and the circus that surrounds the two at the moment. 

Silverman is currently seeking full custody of their 7 year old son, but no final decisions have been made in that regard. 

Simon Cowell's official statement might still be "wanting to keep things private" but it doesn't appear as if Silverman is ready to go quietly into the night.


I wonder if Simon Cowell was wearing his Wonder Dog costume when he got Lauren Silverman pregnant.


You never know what really went on in the marriage. Some people want out of marriages and tempt their mates by introducing someone else and all but push them into having an affair. They want to appear like the innocent one -- when they actually want out of the marriage as well. You just don't know. Marriages are complicated.


Simon should be ashamed of himself. He broke the code of brotherhood & friendship. Lauren was off limits to Simon even if Lauren & Andrew were already divorced. It's one thing to have an affair by meeting your lover in a hotel, but it is another thing to carry on right under Andrew's nose while the 3 of them were vacationing together. SHAME ON YOU SIMON!


.......he did it with love.

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