Simon Cowell: Blindsided By Lauren Silverman Pregnancy Bombshell?

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So, Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell are having a baby apparently.

Who saw that coming? Not The X Factor judge, a new report claims.

Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell

The 53-year-old was completely blindsided by the news that his good friend’s wife was pregnant with his baby, according to the New York Daily News.

“The pregnancy took him by surprise. He assumed she was using birth control,” a source said. “Simon thought it was a casual relationship. Friends with benefits."

"The pregnancy was not planned. He is feeling tricked. No question Simon will want to be part of the baby’s life, but I’m not so sure he wants to be part of Lauren’s.”

Lauren Silverman, 36, who was seen with Cowell and her husband, Andrew Silverman, in the Caribbean last year, is nearly three months pregnant.

She is also still married, and in the midst of a nasty divorce.

Apparently incensed over her affair with Cowell, Silverman’s real estate mogul husband filed for divorce July 15. The tryst may factor into their divorce fight.

The legal papers he filed name Simon Cowell as a co-respondent. Andrew Silverman will have to prove he is not the father to avoid paying child support.

Cowell, meanwhile, only found out about the pregnancy July 10.

“She told him around that time,” a source said. “He didn’t have a clue and it has comes as a total surprise. Simon has repeatedly said he doesn’t want kids.”

The revelation sent Cowell into crisis mode. He immediately reached out to PR guru Max Clifford to “plan a strategy to deal with it ... he feels let down by Lauren."

“They were friends first and foremost. This could be a ‘spite my husband’ sort of thing. Simon is convinced it was her friends who leaked the story.”

Cowell’s friendship with the Silvermans was no secret, and by last year, their marriage was on the rocks. Still, the pregnancy bombshell was a shock to everyone.

One of Cowell’s pals described her as a gold digger:

“She has a thing for rich, powerful men. She knows having Simon’s baby will mean he will always be in her life and he is a very wealthy and generous man.”


This woman is a whore with not an ounce of shame!!! I feel so sorry for her child.


'It doesn't matter in wich century we are: for some, when a woman gets pregnant it is always "her fault". Don't you dickheads know yet: sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy. And if you are with a married woman, no matter if it is your friend or your boss it is always a good idea to wear condoms. So don't put this on her lap or whatever> a 53 years old man knows the facts of life and how to avoid them. Starting by not going after your friend's wife, even if the marriage is going bad. At least wait for it to finish...


Another stupid fool who fell for the "I'm taking birth control " story. Old and stupid at that.


Hey, she looks like Weiners wife Huma !


Always thought he was a conceited scum bag. He's the reason I stopped watching Idol and other show he was on. What a traitor and back stabber he is.

@ critic

Simon Cowell worked hard for all he has & He is what kept Idol a top rated show.You saw what happened since no-talent mealy
mouthed spinners like J Lo & Nikki got a place on the Idol panel. Simon is a Genius & a self made millionaire.He also looks great and likes to live the lifestyle that he has earned.Anyone who does not appreciate all he does to stay relevent & eligible might see him as conceited or could be the British accent.Too bad more guys didn't follow some 'beauty' regime.As for 'Friend', she should have kept quiet or taken care of it. If it's true, all she'll get is cash. She knew Simon never wanted a kid & this will make him'Unfriend' her ever so quickly.She is exploiting this child and she is the Traitor.


In other words who cares!


Oh, I just noticed Simon smoking. If he does want anything to do with this child, considering his age, etc. , maybe he should put the cigarettes down. The question is, would he do that even for his own child.


Of course Simon wouldn't want kids, but his will be the "best", if her connects with it. He is such a jerk, especially about women, in my opinion. Some people are just so full of themselves, and if this is Simon's baby, I hope he at least mans up, but I won't count on it.


I laughed so hard I fell off my couch. He might not have planned this baby with her, but she knew what she was doing this was not an accident. Simon might hat thought this was friends with benefits, but Mrs. Silverman had other ideas. Seems like Simon is the fool on the hill. She is no lady and Simon is going to pay for this one. Her friends did not leak this news she did. Hopes she isn't a nut case because he is really going to have his hands full. She has a seven year old son this is the sad part about this story.


It might actually bring out a softer side of Simon. He is aging, and if he truly gets involved in the child's life, it might open up a whole new world for him. Wishing the best for all of them.

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