Tennessee Woman Files Complaint with Department of Health After "Ghetto Booty" Diagnosis

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Terry Ragland, a 55-year old Tennessee native, visited a doctor in the city of Jackson this April due to extreme pain in her lower back.

But she could not believe her ears when Timothy Sweo told her the issue resided closer to another body part.

“He said ‘I know what the problem is. It’s ghetto booty,’” Ragland told WREG in Memphis. “I think I blacked out after he said ghetto booty. I think my mind was just stuck on the phrase because I couldn’t believe he said that."

Ghetto Booty Lady

Dr. Sweo admits he used those words to diagnose "lumbar lordosis" to Ragland, but chose them "to take a technical conversation regarding your lower back and make it less technical," he later wrote to his patient after she complained to the office manager.

But Ragland told WREG that explanation just made her even angrier.

"It says to me that he doubts what type of intellect I have, how intelligent I am to be able to understand what he conveys to me in a medical term."

Ragland has filed  complaint with the state's Department of Health.

“I think I do understand why her feelings were hurt but I don’t understand what’s offensive about it,” says Sweo, who has practiced general orthopedics for 12 years.


hahaha lmfao. Im black and yet I cant stop laughing... That doctor along with the "Sum Ting Wong" INTERN ARE THE BEST

Brat wingz

I think it's funny as hell. lol. It's a common phrase.


If she had been white, would he have called it "ghetto booty"? Seriously? And he doesn't understand how that is offensive? And he's a doctor?? I guess he missed the lectures on cultural diversity, ethnicity and ethics. What a moron doctor.


Roseredqueen, how is she announcing she doesn't clean herself? A ghetto booty has absolutely nothing to do with hygiene. It means a big butt, not a dirty one. Geez lol


Wow way to announce to everyone that you don't clean yourself. What could have been a simple discussion of boundaries between two people, someone suddenly remembered their "rights" and they have to let people know that they are not happy. What a whiner. Yeah he was out of line, so personally reprimand him like an adult who is confident in their position rather than complaining like a petulant child for all the world to see.

@ RoseRedQueen

Typical.......just wants to get payed.....LOL!....i'll bet 100 to 1 she has been in a car accident ...and got payed....:)


Of course he will not understand what's so offensive about it!


lmaooo smh thats rude