Octomom Welfare Fraud Revealed: How Bad Did She Bilk Taxpayers?

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The ongoing welfare investigation into Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has turned up some fairly damning evidence, according to her financial records.

Mom of Octo

L.A. County Department of Welfare Fraud officials got a tip that the mom of 14 was collecting government funds, despite making $200,000 in 2012.

Because Octomom has 14 dependent children, she can still qualify for public assistance if she earns $119K a year or less - a ton for most people.

But she made a lot more than that (due to the Octomom porn video, strip club gigs and more), and could be in deep trouble with the state as a result.

From January-May 2013, she got $6,666 she had no right to collect, on top of $9,016 in Food Stamps she shouldn't have gotten, for $15,683 total.

That's just for four months too. The investigation continues, and it looks like Nadya Suleman could very well be charged with welfare fraud, a felony.


All I can think is.. Anjelina Jolie wannabe :| No matter what the headline is.


l.o.o....nadya got money from the state ...4 her kids.who fighting foue the last cookie..


Get off her back......You try raising all those kids on that money. Focus on a criminal. I would rather her collect checks & take care of those kids....than let those kids suffer. I give her alot of credit for hanging in there...Nobody could take care of that many kids, and I mean NOBODY! So leave her alone, and let her try and support those kids, and to the writer of the article, go chase a real criminal


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selling her sickmaking body to porn producers?


This nitwit woman will probably go to jail and all the little kids will go into foster care. (I doubt their grandparents can care for them.) The kids will be permanently damaged emotionally, thereby causing more pain and suffering. Such a sad sordid situation.

@ All+Eyes

Seeing the photos (on Radar) of Octomom's previous house in Palmdale where there was plexiglass installed in a door that locked from the outside to keep the kids IN. Or the video on YouTube of Dr. Drew walking into the octuplets room and it smelling of urine so bad that he insisted the door remain open. ***I am pretty sure the emotional damage is already well underway, but it does not ride to the level of CPS removing them. I would guess that getting the kids AWAY FROM OCTOMOM IS THE BEST THING FOR THEM!


I'm w Dee! Those kids need STABILITY! Don't know if anyone ever watched her interact w her kids before but I HAVE & what I saw was sad and horrendous! She lets her sons verbally abuse her .. Never giving them ANY direction or rules! This woman DOES belong in either PRISON or a MENTAL facility! No joke!


Agreed, dee!


Let her strip in prison and give those kids a clean and stable home.....

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