Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction: Averted at iHeartRadio Event!

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Miley Cyrus may be untamed, but she nearly became undressed during iHeartRadio event in Miami over the weekend.

The wardrobe malfunction took place when the 20-year old surprised fans backstage, as the winner of a recent contest (Natalie Bergen) was granted access to an exclusive penthouse listening party.

She stepped inside. She was greeted by Cyrus. She chatted about a new song off Miley's upcoming album and - OOPS! - the singer's top almost came flying off.

Fortunately, Bergen winners was on hand to make the save, as seen here:

Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Malfunction Photo

Showing her appreciation, Cyrus signed a poster for Bergen with the following words:

"Natalie! Twerk Bitch/Love, Miley/PS Sorry about da titties!"

Last week, meanwhile, Miley showed Twitter users another body part: she flipped them the double bird for some reason.


who care's if Miley's hair is like that... is it you're hair NO?? than don't complain because it's not on you're head that's a style she likes than so be it end of story...honestly we have seen famous people do alot worse and you diss on her because of her hair?? who has no class now T.. don't judge her... shes an adult there will never be hannah montana back that was her alter ego not anymore because why she is not a child anymore.. shes of age let her live her life and don't make useless comments...


Can we have Hannah Montana back already?


That hair....I could smack her in to the next century. Why do some have to prove it with looks that they have gone whack? Damn keep it to yourself. Being different is ok but damn, stop celebrating the complete mental issues.


and she's liked by millions why...classless.

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