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While Edward Snowden sits in a Moscow airport, he’s already the subject of a short film from a group of Hong Kong filmmakers.

Some might say they are jumping the gun a bit, buzzing in before the question has been finished, leaping without looking… but we can all agree they are the first in the Edward Snowden movie race.

The Hollywood Gossip

Granted their movie is not very long, nor very good, but that’s what happens when you make a movie out of ongoing news events. It was also filmed in just one week.


The best part of Lee’s comments would be his assertion that the shakiness of the camera was a shoutout to the Bourne films. That was precisely what it not at all reminded me of. 

The film is called Verax which translates to "speaks the truth" or more apt in this situation "truth teller". Thank you high school Latin classes for finally proving useful! 

So what say you? Good? Bad? At least they can say they were first?