Kim Zolciak Demands Apology for (Non) Pregnant Smoking Pic

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Kim Zolciak is pregnant with her fifth child.

But what ought to be an exciting time in the life of this Real Housewives of Atlanta star turned anger-filled last week when a photo agency published a picture of her smoking.

However, Zolciak says the image in question is months old and is demanding the agency apologize for implying she would endanger her fetus with nicotine.

Kim Zolciak in Blue

The freelancer behind the shot was on private property, so the agency has pulled the still in question.

Zolciak says she may file a lawsuit for defamation of character, but she cannot provide evidence of when the photo was actually taken.

Lacking such proof would likely make any legal action moot.


I saw the pic posted on Perez Hilton. She wasn't with her kids. She was alone, on the phone, in a parking lot. She didn't look as preggo as she did in the above pic, and it's possible it was taken right after she had Kashmir or KJ and still had baby weight. It's too back she can't knock the habit...


technically, smoking is poor for your health and those around you. she already had 3 or 4 children when the photo was taken, I'm sure, so if she smokes around her children she is still harming them. it's obviously awful to smoke while pregnant as it will most likely cause birth defects in the fetus, but it's not to say that already born children will go unharmed by living in an environment filled with cameras and cigarette smoke.


she still suffers puberty?