Kim Kardashian Baby Name Debate: Fear of the KKK

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North West.

It's an odd name, even the most ardent of Kim Kardashian supporters must agree.

But in a new clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we get an idea of why Kim and Kanye West went with this moniker for their young daughter.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Strolling

See, they were thinking about a K name, but... "then they'll call us the KKK," Kim told her siblings (aboard a yacht in Greece, of course) a few months ago in footage captured by E!

Watch the family debate various possibilities now and then wonder along with us, THGers: Where are those Kim Kardashian baby photos?!?

What do you think of the name North West?


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Kim Kardashian Baby Name Debate: Fear of the KKK
Guys, dont work your right hands out))


Why do all people care about this colored monkeys. dont you see that you are making them rich for their monkey ass.


Girl your way past KKK... and you would need to give her a K middle name... otherwise it would only be KK 'K?


Updated news I am so surprise that kim kardashian is so blind about so much in todays world in the media and tabloids. kim kardashian,khloe kardashian,and kourtney kardashian ( already has been labled as the kkk ( girls turned into women that have been every since their appearance in the first episode of keeping up with the kardashian.) so it is like stop trying to make NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHEST POINT the main topic of everyday's story no one cares at this point about whether her parents was going to name her name with an k ok. is this suppose to be news? No pictures no baby but constantly talking about a baby.hmmm strange to me. Just to stay revelent kim blew her chance a month ago and the Prince George has taken over the lime light. NORTHWEST TO THE HIGHEST POINT I am quite sure is a cute baby in all, but the world has no interest anymore about her existients ok. There are a total of 6 k's in the this family. (kris,kim,khloe,)(kourtney,kendall,kylie.)all they need now is another group of three and they will have their perfect number (666 for they seem to love this satanic number a lot) check out their family holiday pics and all will see kanye w is not married yet to kim so he can't be counted, but when he does marry kim kardashian kanye w will the beginning of that next group of three's.think about it. it is not my intentions to insult anyone it is only an opinion. prayers

@ smiley

The only thing I know is someone needs to slap the dogshit out of that wanna be badass west. A white man puts a boot up his ass he will think twice before he displays that ugly mug. He is nothing but a racist bitch ass punk.


mister Belly.


They should be more worried about the family being annoying trash!


I'm sorry but North West has got to be the dumbest name I've ever heard of.


The babies name is Kadince!


Love it!! Everyone is just jealous !!!

@ Christin

Yeah,I'm jealous of the name North West.That child is going to be bullied. I blame it on the parents. Who names their child North?That child is going to change his name.It's funny to name a child after cardinal directions. West as a last name is good. North as a first name is a no no.

@ Christin

Agreed :)


KKK is heaven to what most people call the both of you everyday! I'm just looking forward to the day when all of u trashians are nothing but an afterthought.