Jenny McCarthy Labeled "Homicidal Maniac," "Threat to Public Health" by Critics

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Jenny McCarthy has officially signed on as co-host on The View.

And the major backlash against this hiring has officially begun.

Not because she once posed in Playboy and not because she dated Jim Carrey for a long time... but because McCarthy is a staunch opponent of childhood vaccinations, believing they can lead to Autism.

Jenny McCarthy in Black

"Sickened that @theviewtv is going to give anti-vaccination zealot Jenny McCarthy a bigger platform," Tweeted feminist and author Jessica Valenti after the announcement.

But others have taken their criticism further. A lot further.

Take Phil Plait of Slate, for example: "McCarthy’s views constitute, in my opinion, a threat to public health."

"Even if she doesn’t talk about any of her nonsensical health ideas on the show, the very fact that she now has this co-host position gives her a tacit credibility to the viewer."

Michael Specter - author of Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives - went even farther in his negative assessment.

He tells The Los Angeles Times of McCarthy:

"I think a network hiring a homicidal maniac, giving her a forum in front of people who have young children and are impressionable, is the most irresponsible thing I've heard of in a long time."

Yes, homicidal maniac. His words. Man. And we thought Elisabeth Hasselbeck was controversial all these years. Sound off now, THGers:

Based on her vaccination views, should Jenny McCarthy have been chosen as a co-anchor of The View?


if hiring Jenny McCarthy for a talk show is "the most irresponsible thing" he can even fathom a network doing to get ratings, based on her view of childhood vaccinations alone, he needs to watch more tv. if parents with young children are so incredibly inept and impressionable that they tap out and let Jenny McCarthy make their decisions for them, they should have used a condom/stayed on the pill. it really is that simple.


Um, your friend is actually the one to blame here being "uneducated" about the fact that all medications carry an inherent risk. It's right there on the package and in all the literature, including vaccines. It's just that the side effects are so rare that the payoff is worth the risk. The MMR vaccine can cause swelling of the brain, but the vaccine is supposed to be administered before the child is 12 months old- so the vaccine was delivered about a year later than recommended.


I had a friend who has a very intelligent child. She was walking and talking and very smart at the age of two. When she went in for her MMR shot she had a horrible reaction and quit walking and talking. She had to relearn it all and it took many years for her to get back to "normal." She is now a healthy, happily married woman in her 20s, but I do believe that childhood vaccines can cause damage, and in some cases may lead to autism. By no means do I think that means we should not vaccinate out children, but we should be informed about the vaccines. Had my friend asked for a mumps shot, a measal shot and a rubella shot separately, rather than the three together her daughter may not have had the same reaction. Simply, do your homework!

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