Mom Receives Message in a Bottle From Daughter Who Died Two Years Earlier

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For grieving New York mother Mimi Fery, a recently discovered message in a bottle feels like a comforting directive from her daughter from beyond.

In 2002, Sidonie Fery, 10, launched a bottle into the Atlantic Ocean with a note bearing her phone number and a quote from her favorite movie:

"Be excellent to yourself, dude."


Sidonie died in tragic accident in 2010, only for the bottle to turn up after Superstorm Sandy last year. For her mother, the words are deeply poignant.

"Be excellent to yourself, dude," Fery told the Associated Press, quoting the message and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: "It makes so much sense."

Fery received the note around Thanksgiving after workers in Patchogue, N.Y. discovered the green plastic ginger ale bottle after cleaning up from Sandy.

Brian Waldron, a 23-year veteran of the Patchogue parks department, said he was working with a few temporary workers hired to assist with Sandy cleanup.

One of them said he found the plastic bottle with the girl's note inside, jumbled together with broken boating docks and other assorted sea junk.

"We opened it and it had a phone number inside, so I called it and left a message," Waldron said. Later that same day, Mimi Fery called back.

"I told her I felt like her daughter was looking down from heaven and wanted me to give her a call," said Waldron of the surprising find he made.

This weekend, according to AP, Patchogue officials will host a ceremony unveiling a small plaque honoring Sidonie, whose mom plans to attend.

"I was just sobbing when I heard they had found it," Fery said.

"These are very, very kind people."

Sidonie, who her mom calls a "very artistic and vivacious young woman," died at age 18 in a fall from a cliff while attending boarding school in Switzerland.

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