Highest Paid Actors: Who Tops the List?

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This year's "Highest Paid Actors" list has been released by Forbes and given the monster year Tony Stark had, it's no surprise that Robert Downey Jr. tops them all.

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3 Photocall

Banking an impressive $75 million is apparently not all that hard to do when your movie rockets to #3 of the highest grossing movies of all time, like The Avengers did.

Now that he's signed on for more Iron Man and Avengers 2, it won't be surprising if Robert Downey Jr. makes numerous repeat appearances on this list in the coming years.

However, this list teaches us that if you are going to make a movie about being a male stripper, go ahead and do so with a lot of your own money.

Channing Tatum came in second to RDJ thanks to Magic Mike (just wait for the Magic Mike sequel) and the fact he and director Steven Soderbergh bankrolled the film on their own.

It's always refreshing when the abs have brains.

Rounding out the list were a few surprises, like Mark Wahlberg coming in at number four with $52 million thanks to Ted and Adam Sandler at number seven with $37 million, no thanks to Jack and Jill.

Bringing up the rear comes Liam Neeson in the tenth spot with $32 million. Just goes to show, want to bank a fortune? Play a man chasing after his kidnapped family member or some variation on that theme, over and over. 

2013 Top Ten Highest Earning Actors

  1. Robert Downey Jr. -- $75 million
  2. Channing Tatum -- $60 million
  3. Hugh Jackman -- $55 million
  4. Mark Wahlberg -- $52 million
  5. Dwayne Johnson -- $46 million
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio -- $39 million
  7. Adam Sandler -- $37 million
  8. Tom Cruise -- $35 million
  9. Denzel Washington -- $33 million
  10. Liam Neeson -- $32 million

Check out this video of Robert Downy Jr. having sex with a man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


I just think Downey is either gay or bisexual. His weird haircuts, his foppish manner on talk shows, his odd looks at other men, the way he talks and dresses sometimes. There's something effeminate about the guy you can't really put your finger on but it's there.


I love Hugh Jackmans work he's one of my favorite actors love him.


Robert Downey Jr. is my fave. actor, so this is awesome! :D


psssst: WHERE AM I???????????


What, no Will Smith in the mix? And what about Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp?

@ My Two Cents.....


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