Black Nativity Teaser Trailer: First Look at Langston Hughes Adaptation

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If you haven't had the pleasure of indulging in Kasi Lemmons' work before, now is the time as she has a new film coming out this holiday season. Black Nativity is based on the Langston Hughes musical of the same name.

With a cast filled with great voices such as Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson and Golden Globe winner Angela Bassett, Black Nativity is sure to deliver those gospel styled Christmas hymns in a way to send chills down your spine. Including promising talent Jacob Latimore and veterans Forest Whitaker and Mary J. Blige, the holiday movie season is already looking rather promising.

Black Nativity from Fox Searchlight Pictures is set to premiere on November 27th.

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This is a ridiculously racist movie! Its ok that jesus was white. If you look at the people that lived in the region that Jesus lived in then its obvious he was white. And there is nothing wrong with that!!! I so like the fact that they made the into gospel versions. However, this would be the same as saying "we are making a movie and only white people can be cast." If that was done there would be a huge uproar made!! Why must other african-americans continue racism?!?!

Who is jacob
@ LaShanda

I still don't get why it's a "racist" movie.....? If it's called "Black Nativity" it's because it is based on the 1961 Langston Hughes play. Plus, the movie is about the value of faith, forgiveness and family. "Racism" has nothing to do with this movie. On the other side, it's a great movie and people should take the time to ACTUALLY go see it. The reviews from other people who had the chance to watch it, are beyond amazing..

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