Cat Yearns to Be Dog in New Viral O2 Ad

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Say hello to the latest famous online cat.

He stars in a commercial for O2, which is using our favorite household pets to galvanize 4G consumers in Great Britain… and he really wants to be a dog.

"I used to be a cat - every day the same, bored between nine and ten, then aloof till lunch, then coldly indifferent after," the feline says in the following video.

Watch now as he leaps out of his front door, inspired, fetches a Frisbee and does other dog-like activities:

"We're living in one of the most exciting eras as far as technology goes ... but somehow we've got a little jaded by it all," Gary Booker, O2's marketing and consumer director, told The Guardian.

"'Be more dog' is all about encouraging Britain to embrace the new, have a go with the unknown and dabble in innovation. We're also gearing up for our 4G launch later this summer, so it's the perfect time to get the nation trying more and being a little bit more dog."

This isn't the first meeting of cat and dog on the Internet. Remember when the former walked the latter home?

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