Amanda Bynes Won't Be Charged With Crime For Setting Driveway Blaze

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The troubled Amanda Bynes is in for a rough stretch ahead by any measure, but it won't include criminal charges for her most recent police entanglement.

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Prosecutors will not charge the 27-year-old with trespassing, arson or any other criminal offense stemming from Monday night's bizarre incident.

Police and the D.A.'s office alike view her conduct as non-criminal and rooted in mental illness, which is scary, but at least she may finally get help.

Officials almost immediately decided Amanda needs treatment, not punishment.

Amanda Bynes was hospitalized two nights ago as a result of starting a small fire in a stranger's driveway in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, California.

A passerby called 911 on her after spotting her near the scene. She briefly ran into a liquor store having doused her dog in gasoline, but then returned.

She is currently under a 5150 hold, meaning she is hospitalized against her will by virtue of being considered a danger to herself and/or to others.

Typically, this lasts only 72 hours, but officials may seek to extend it up to two weeks if she does not choose to seek mental health care on her own.

Criminally, however, she's off the hook - in this case alone.

She still faces DUI charges in L.A. and reckless endangerment, evidence tampering and marijuana charges in NYC, where she tossed a bong out the window.

Here's hoping that Amanda gets the help she clearly needs and the sweet, fresh-faced girl we all fell in love with years ago returns better than ever.




Y are u up here promoting this shit go somewhere lol


Any fool knows that setting a driveway on fire is not against the law especially if your bat shit crazy. Now it should be a crime to drench a dog in gasoline especially for what they charge for a gallon at the pump. Now that 5150 is some serious sh*t and your ass could be locked up in a white gown for a while because the same thing happened to my brother last year. He goes in to court for unpaid traffic tickets and he decides he wants to try and get a mistrial. He packs his aas checks full of skippy peanut butter as the jury was departing to go and reach a verdict. Drops his pants and comes up with a hand full and you have never seen so many people scatter. Long story short- they 5150'ed his ass!

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