The Fosters: Assailed By One Million Moms For Idea That "Homosexuality is Acceptable"

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ABC Family's new drama The Fosters has been assailed by the group One Million Moms for “pushing an agenda that homosexuality is acceptable.”

In spite (or perhaps because) of that, it saw a ratings surge Monday.

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The conservative group, a spinoff of the American Family Association, is no fan of the show, which features an interracial, married lesbian couple.

Together, the duo raises biological, adopted and foster children.

Even before the show was officially picked up by ABC Family in 2012, OMM started a campaign to stop it from airing. Clearly, they did not succeed.

In a statement on its website last week following The Fosters premiere, it urged members to write to specific advertisers regarding the first episode.

That effort may have brought more attention to it, however.

In its second episode, The Fosters was cable’s No. 2 scripted program in its time slot among females 12-34, and jumped 20 percent overall to 1.70 million viewers.

One Million Moms also initiated a protest of the Ryan Murphy comedy The New Normal, and JC Penney’s use of Ellen DeGeneres as a TV spokesperson.

Not batting for a very high average lately, OMM.


This show isn't like the other ABC Family shows and I think it's great.


Evolution people. Either learn to accept it and adapt, or get left behind. American Family Association should be more worried about all those unwed single mothers raising their children on our tax dollars. Fix your strait kids that can't stop making babies they can' support. Take a cruise by your state welfare office and once you see how long the lines are maybe then you will worry about things that really matter like where your tax dollars are going. Makes more sense to be mad about the teen mom next door on welfare with 6 kids than the gay couple next door just living their lives not asking for your help. WOW! Get your priorities right people! Stop hating people you don't know. That's something Nazi's did with the Jews. Blind hate gets you no where.

@ LAURA thoughts exactly!!!!! Thank you.

@ jaybird369

Glad to hear there are others out there who understand and share my thoughts. People need to wake up and pay attention to their hormonal teens. At least the gay kids are less likely to start having kids at early ages. Nothing worse than a pregnant 16 year old with no means to support herself. Keep it real people. Peace, love and happiness ;-).




To begin with, I L-O-V-E The Fosters!!!!! Anyway, there it is...YET ANOTHER TV watchdog group (or whatever) on the fuckin' loose!!!!! One Million Moms...GET A LIFE YOU UPTIGHT BITCHES!!!!!


“One Million Moms” is nothing more than an online astroturfing project of the American Family Association, which itself has nowhere near 1 million members.


The show is great!! Nothing wrong then showing people a little something of what the world is really comprised of!!


maybe, but don't tell nor marry.