Teresa Giudice Slams Husband Infidelity Rumors, Defends Family Nanny

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So much for not speaking out about her marriage.

Within 24 hours of Life & Style running a cover story that details her husband's alleged affair with family nanny Nicole Cemelli, Teresa Giudice has come out and blasted the allegation as ridiculous.

Joe Giudice Cheating Story

Of Cemelli, Giudice writes on her website: "We've known her and her family since she was in high school. No secret. No mystery."

She adds:

"Joe and I are on TV, so I get it that our lives are open for everyone and their mother to criticize. What's unfair and completely disgusting is that you would drag every person we ever speak to into your fake stories. It's not acceptable to falsely portray our friends, family, business associates, fans, and even acquaintances this way."

Along those lines, Teresa says Cemelli is “freaking out now... getting harassing calls at her work, being stalked on the Internet, and even followed.”

And a lawsuit may be filed as a result.

"You know we have four daughters that are personally hurt every time you print these lies, but that doesn't seem to faze you at all. Maybe being sued for defamation finally will."




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