Teen Turned Away from Prom Due to Breast Size?

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A student at Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale, Washington says she was turned away from her senior prom last month due to the size of her breasts.

According to Brittany Minder, she showed up for the event in a low-cut gown and was told she wasn't permitted to come inside because it was too revealing.

"In my opinion, I feel that it is because I'm bigger chested and there is more cleavage that you can see, and there's nothing I could really do about that," Minder told KATU.

Prom Pic

The school's dress code permits a strapless dress of this nature… as long as cleavage, midriff and lower back areas are properly covered.

"All women are not created equal, and you cannot compare a golf ball to a grapefruit. It ain't gonna happen," said Brittany's mom, Kim Minder.

Brittany was eventually allowed to enter the prom once she covered her boobs with a shawl. But she only stuck around for an hour because she says the look made her feel "self-conscious."

"An important night of my life was ruined, and there's no way I can gain that experience back," she says.


One of my close friends had this young ladies body type when we were in high school, as the one who got dragged along dress shopping and helped pick her prom dress I know there are much better (not to mention prettier) choices than this dress. Yes other girls wear trashy dresses but a dress like this with breasts of that proportion I'd be terrified of moving the wrong way and everything flying out.


did she wore a porn outfit then?


You don't understand. They had NEVER been that strict at other dances with the EXACT same guideline. If you watched the video at all you would have clearly realized that. They also singled her out when others had backs down to butt cracks and cut outs showing their under boobs. Seriously how they treated her was just because she isn't in the "popular group" and had larger breasts. You all sound so ignorant posting all these rude things like you know the situation.

@ Anonymous student

We're not talking about random other girls, regardless of whatever they might or might not have been wearing. We're talking about this girl and her dress was not appropriate. Period. If the school has rules, she should have followed them and not word such a revealing dress. She blames the school for ruining her prom night but it was entirely her own fault. She could have chosen a number of other designs, but she chose this one. She made the decision to try and break the rules, knowing her dress did not cover her breasts adequately, and she was refused entry. Her fault. No one else's. Except maybe her Mother's for allowing it.

Virginia c
@ Anonymous student

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Natalie j treichel

As someone who also has large ta-ta's I have NEVER been able to wear strapless anything. Doesn't fly with what's going on or what could pop out. Lots of other dress styles to choose from. Don't think the school was wrong here at all. And like a pp said, what is her mom thinking let all that hang out?


Bad choice for a well-endowed young lady. The school had certain parameters and she chose to ignore them. Wearing a shawl was a very minor inconvenience. We all have to play by the rules...


well there's clearly quite a cleavage there.. and if I was your mom I would be more concerned to cover your cleavage than your school authorities.. And.. what.. you hanged around for just an hour just because you had to wear a shawl?!?! Your priorities and those of your mom are completely f*d up..


Not to sound insensitive but she was clearly aware of the rules prior to attending. Her prom was ruined because of a shaw? Come on.


When you have more going on you have to cover more, sucks but that's how it goes.

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