Selena Gomez Releases Album Cover, New Track

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Selena Gomez has released a new single - and this is not an ode to Justin Bieber.

But it is titled "Slow Down" and it's from the artist's upcoming album, which is titled "Stars Dance" and which will drop on July 23. Take a listen now:

Gomez also came out with the complete track list AND the cover art for the album during a busy few minutes on Twitter.

Here is a look at that intel:

  • "Birthday Stars"
  • "Dance Champion"
  • "Come & Get It"
  • "Forget Forever"
  • "Save The Day"
  • "BEAT"
  • "Write Your Name"
  • "Undercover"
  • "Love Will Remember"
  • "Slow Down"
  • "Getaway"
Selena Gomez Album Cover

my name is manuela me encanta esta pag yo soy selenatica de ♥


hi my name is david conway , and my comment is that , i do have to agree about the question of , selena gomez use to love little kid,s before she dated justin bieber , i am not blaming justin bieber just to date her at all , i know how much he love,s her so much , but the only question , i have on here is that , he did steal selena gomez place in the heart of little kid,s , that,s why i just hate him for , selena gomez , is not so sweet women any more , justin bieber , he did stole selena gomez ,women hood , and just do,nt hate me , selena gomez , why i have to say that on here if she is planing to read this comment on here some time in her future , love david conway


i ♥ you so much and a cant weit for the album i ♥ selena gomez


Very extremelly beautiful


LOVE The new singles and lookin' soooo forward to the whole cd! Hate that I was too-late for Sel's livechat today,but I did get to see it on youtube(after I got my account #stupidAtTimes). Selena mesmerizes me--I can sit,watch, and listen to her for hours...It was really cool hearing that 'Come & Get-It' went Platinum! As well it should!
First: Spring Breakers! Then: Outrageously Hot song,performances and video--'Come & Get-It'! Then: Voted Number #2 HOTTEST Female by Maxim magazine! Number #6 by another magazine(Can't think of it right now. Oops!) Now: new single, 'Slow Down'! July(B-day of 21,on the 22nd)[day after mine,BTW]then,on the 23rd---'Stars Dance' cd! And shortly: Films 'Get Away'(where she's a Hacker) and 'Rudderless',plus yet, another film following involving Sel' in Sex & Cults(far removed from 'Princess Protection Program' wouldn't you say? LOL!) Just when you think that there couldn't possibly be more---Selena kick's off her 'Stars Dance' Tour in August(My hometown on October 25th! Yeah Buddy!)---How Cool Is All THAT?!
This 'Wizard' has certainly put me under her spell,I'll tell you that! LOL!
There is absolutely No Denying that Selena is the New Millennium WonderWoman and she is rocking the world off its axis! #ActressSingerDancerModelEntrepreneurHotHeartBreaker...WOW! That's all for now! Later! Hollywood---Out!


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remember the times when she was a role model to your kids?

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