Paris Jackson: Destroyed By Facebook?

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Paris Jackson's dark period of severe depression has been largely the result of bullying, and Facebook the medium with which the haters let loose.

Paris Jackson, Bangs

Sources closely connected to Paris say the 15-year-old was often "reeling" from harsh comments left on her Facebook page about her father's lifestyle.

Some of the comments involve child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, others involve the odd life Paris lived while Michael was alive.

As one source says of the comments, "They destroyed her." 

Another family insider "there's a nexus" between the bullying on Facebook and Paris Jackson cutting, a disturbing act she tried more than once.

The problem, according to TMZ, is this:

Paris does not have access to her Facebook page as she recovers from her recent suicide attempt in the psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center.

Her family is VERY concerned that she'll slide back into the same habits if she goes back on Facebook when she gets out ... yet they can't stop her.

The family has tried to shut down Paris' Facebook page, but they can't, given Facebook's policy that the family of a user has no right to shut down an account.

If the user is 13 years of age or older, the company won't oblige. And who's to say that even if they did, Paris wouldn't start another one if she chose?

Bottom line: Paris' family believes that social media may create yet another tragedy in the famous family, but are powerless to do anything about it.

Do you agree? Are they in fact powerless? And is Facebook really the problem or just the place where deep-rooted issues are manifested for Paris?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Nope I befriended her on Facebook myself I would never say anything nasty to her about her dad he was a legend


FB is not using common sense here. I have heard of other people getting shut out or expelled for much more trivial issues. It is most likely that if Paris were somehow banned from FB, she would find another route to set up the same type of social site. FB, is now as much a part of pop culture as TV sit-coms used to be. My prayers are for Paris to get well, get her self-esteem strong enough to know how trashy those people who bully here are. The one beautiful thing I see coming out of this is her relationship with her Mother. My prayers also go out to Debbie Rowe,l that she remain with her Daughter, may they both move on to happier ever afters. I knew when her grandmother went AWOL, the "Jackson Family Home" was no place for those kids; no place for anybody's children!


Paris is a teenager, teenagers need Facebook and Twitter. I know that cuz I'm at same age what Paris. I love her and I would never bully her in Facebook or in Twitter. Those people should stop bulling and Paris shouldn't take those comments so seriously. Come on people, she's just a teen, let her be who she is. I think if they give Paris more freedom, she wouldn't cut herself. For Paris I want to say that if you make an account to and join with Michael Jackson club, you would see how much people love you father from the bottom of their heart!
I wish you the best Paris and I love you!


Anmbaer state okija


I think she should not use social media sites at this time. Obviously she is in a very fragile place and people know that. Some of them will respect that, others will pounce at the opportunity to make it worse, though all of them are strangers and will have very few consequences for making it worse, and very few rewards for trying to ease her trouble. Facebook is really a time-waster for everyone and we could all go without social media sites. If you want to talk, let's meet up/give me a call. What she needs is security and privacy. Michael did his best to provide that for her while he was alive, and she needs it now more than ever. The internet can be a toxic place for teens. She should delete her facebook and twitter accounts. She should get away from any toxicity she can. I hope she gets the help she needs to be happier soon.


Well you know the Jackson's they will blame who or whatever they can. They will take no responabilty for her

@ Sassy

Totally agree. Spend that time getting so positive nourishment from those who truly love and care for her. Clear her mind of all negative feedback. They evidently are jealous of her because people who do that usually see something in that person they don't have, so they want the person to feel bad; otherwise why else would they want to make someone feel worse than they already do. If you can't encourage I suggest you be quiet. Don't you? Paris forget Facebook. It's too discouraging for you. OK?


well, even if facebook didn't exist anymore, she could still easily google herself / her father and read whatever is to be seen. - though I still think as she is a minor, facebook should be allowed to take a page down if the minors family request it. and fundamentally, NO minor, famous or other wise, should be allowed access to the internet unsupervised. locking yourself in a room with a laptop all day and night is unhealthy and potentially dangerous to ANY minor.
oh and I also wonder how facebook destroyed her, when the only people who had access to her facebook page were her own personal friends.

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