Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Cat's Cradle"

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Let's face it: by the standards of Pretty Little Liars, that was a pretty boring episode.

One could easily accuse "Cat's Cradle" of simply being filler, not providing an essential number of pressing answers or revelations.

Unmasking Emily

But this is still Rosewood, so the hour still offered plenty of questions, the most pressing of which include:

  • Did Ashley kill Wilden? Mr Marin's gun is missing, after all.
  • Is Pam next? A is clearly targeting mothers in her attempt removed the Liars' safety nets.
  • What is the deal with Melissa? Seriously, will she ever stop being shady?!?
  • Is Toby's mother alive? It must be a possibility, right? Consider the roof she would have needed to avoid when she jumped in order to actually die.

Consider all these topics now and sound off below on the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. What did you think?

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