Nicole Richie Shames Paparazzo with Kid-Dropping Story, Photo

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Note to Justin Bieber: this is how you deal with the paparazzi!

On Wednesday, Nicole Richie shamed the heck out of a so-called "reporter," first Tweeting about the ridiculous steps one man took to snap a photo of her in Los Angeles.

"This paparazzi dragged his poor, sweet little girl on my plane from NYC to LA," she wrote.

"As he ran her off the plane, he dropped her ON THE FLOOR of LAX as she laid there, crying her eyes out.. Just to get his shot. #Heartbreaking #FatherOfTheYear."

Nicole Richie Photograph

And then here's the best part:

Richie added "Guess what homie, I have a camera too" and then snapped a picture of this exact incident!

Check it out now - and then give the star a standing O as you ask yourself:

Who would put his child through such a traumatic experience for a shot of Nicole Richie?!?!?!?

Reporter with Kid

I wonder what the child's mom will think of these pics. If I were the mom, I'd have his balls in a sling for taking pics instead of watching the kid.


I want to know who buys such silly pictures! If they wouldn't buy intrusive pics then maybe the idiots with cameras wouldn't be so stupid.

@ Martel+Jawuan+Owens

Well, in a way YOU just bought these silly pictures because you visited the website to see them, then posted your comment about them. Does that make you an idiot (your word for the paparazzi, not mine) too!!!


Good for her, turn the tables on those lunatics.


Nice ....


Congratulations Nichole!! This is absolutely wonderful !!!!


doesnt look like papparazzi looks like just a regular guy at the
airport with his kid.

@ Char

@Char Who cares? That doesn't change the fact that this guy is pathetic!


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