Michelle Chamuel Declared The Voice Winner By Usher; Will America Agree?

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No offense to Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers, but in Usher's mind, his protege Michelle Chamuel is the singer who deserves to win The Voice.

"Michelle Chamuel - the winner!" Ursh declared last night.

Equally impressed by what she saw, Shakira commented: "Your energy is contagious. You're extraordinary. You're needed out there, as an artist."

Last night, Michelle nailed her rendition of "Why," then reprised one of her defining moments of the season with Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble."

Will it be enough to win The Voice? Watch and vote ...

Who do you think deserves to win The Voice Season 4?


Swon brothers are good but not the best.... I like Danielle and Michelle but I was rooting for Michelle especially of her choice of songs... "Just give me a reason" became a famous music to the MYX and in my school. I was hoping (expecting) that Michelle would win when she got called first twice/three times in a row :/


Michelle should have won!!! Danielle was boring and only had one facial expression! Ugh!


mexicans & cubans don't care a bit.


Danielle is not good and she is boring up to the finale. I don't know how she made it to the finals. She did the same-sounding song week after week after week. Same with the Swon Brothers. I guess singing the same type of song each week is the key to success.


If Michelle was really that good why did not one coach, including her own, say anything about her voice? Come on even Usher has figured out she's a screamer and not a singer at this point, so he did the best he could focus the crowds attention on her energy and some stage magic.


Chamuel is not good. I don't know how any do them made it to the finals, but especially Chamuel.