Kim Kardashian: Breastfeeding North West Like Crazy!

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Kim Kardashian's breasts are working overtime these days.

Always a busy pair of mammary glands, they're now occupied nearly around the clock by baby North West, as the new mom is ALL ABOUT breastfeeding.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Picture

According to insiders, Kim's already-sizable rack has swelled to record-sized G-CUP LEVELS following her pregnancy, but that's all good with her.

She'll take them out for breastfeeding anytime, anywhere!

The 32-year-old actively looks forward to her "feedings" with North West, and changes her dirty diapers to boot. "She does it all," one close source says.

Kim Kardashian kritics will note that in 2010, she ripped a mom on Twitter for breastfeeding at a restaurant, but clearly opinions change once it's yours.

Nice to see that Kim has taken to motherhood like a newborn baby to a ... you know. Sorry 'Ye. Looks like they're occupied for awhile there, man.

Speaking of the baby daddy, sources say that despite all the rumors of Kanye ditching them, "no one has ever seen him like this" and he's a natural dad.

Nice to hear these two publicity-crazed stars seemingly content with laying low focusing on what really matters for now ... who'd have guessed?

They haven't even shared any pictures yet! In eight days! The only Kim Kardashian baby photos out there are fakes ... hilarious ones, but fakes.

What do you think: Will Kim Kardashian be a good mom?


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Kim Kardashian: Breastfeeding North West Like Crazy!
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Have fun


this is all bullshit, she has nannies doing everything, she barely even holds the baby during the day.


Looks like all the gossip sites are just making crap up to fill the void KK has left now that Kayne has FORBIDDEN all communication! Thank you, Kanye.

@ Robb7

Finally stepping up to protect his family. He should have done that before. But I'm glad he's doing it now.


hope everything goes well wit da breastfeeding and ghangin of diapers


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LOL....last week Kim did not want to breast feed and wanted to stop now this week she can't stop breast feeding. Not believing that for one moment. Kim probably has a wet nurse....wait....can you breast feed with implants? I believe Kim is not doing anything too much with the baby which is why she has nannies around the clock.


"The 32-year-old actively looks forward to her "feedings" with North West, and changes her dirty diapers to boot. "She does it all," one close source says." Well, duh. Isn't that what you're supposed to do as a mom?!? WHY IS THIS NEWS?!?!


Wish she'd breastfeed me!

@ Titty lover

wouldn't be surprised if she did!!!!!



Victoria mcguire

I don't believe any of this is true.

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