Kim Kardashian Baby: Doing Great! Beautiful!

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We don't know her name. We don't know her dimensions. We don't know what she looks like.

But as Kim Kardashian negotiates the most lucrative deal she can make before revealing more information about her daughter takes a few private days with her newborn, Kris Jenner appeared last night at the Daytime Emmy Awards and gushed over the addition.

"We're all good... and extremely happy and thrilled for the new baby," Kris told HLN's A.J. Hammer. "She's doing great and she's beautiful."

Earlier yesterday, Khloe Kardashian also spoke out for the first time as a new aunt.

She Tweeted appreciation to fans for all their wishes and teased that details will be released "when the time is right."

Forget Kim's breasts, people. The major milking going on right now within this family involves how to best exploit a two-day old.

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Kim Kardashian Baby: Doing Great! Beautiful!
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
You are welcome)


I am glad that the innocent baby is not being harmed or exposed because of selfish acts from someone who knows better.


I don't like them either, but a baby is a baby. I am sure she is adorable. I so hope she turns out better than her family.


so happy for kim
best of blessings to the new
parents and a new little angel
on earth.


Congratulations to Kim and Kayne for the birth of their daughter. I've no doubt the welfare of your daughter will always come 1st and everything you do.


Congrats to the happy couple. Hope both Kim and Kanye have thier priorities where it should be. Fingers crossed!"


Good for her. I don't like her or Kanye but good luck to them.


@Cain I don't know what in the "Hell" u just wrote me about My Comment but don't write me again


Kimmode conceived "Klamidya" while she was still Mrs. Humphries. She never slept with her husband or even lived with him. We now know the rush to file divorce at 72 days, the earl weight gain / wearing Spanx / trips to the gym, they're trying to conceal the conception date. This family lies as easy as you breathe.


There was never no doubt in my mind that Kims baby with Kanye would be Gorgeous. I have never seen any biracial kids that weren't

@ jules

Most biracials are beautiful but there are some exceptions.

@ jules