Khloe Sends Thanks, Gushes Over Kim Kardashian Daughter

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She is a new aunt - and she could not be more excited.

A day after Kim Kardashian gave birth to her first child, Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter, expressing gratitude to fans... love for her niece... and a tease of the tabloid deal sure to come.

Kardashians in the UK

"I can not even begin 2describe the miracle that is now apart of our family," Khloe wrote. "Mommy/baby are healthy &resting. We appreciate all of the love."

She added that more details about Kim and Kanye West's bundle of joy "will come when the time is right!"

Or, you know, when the money is right.

"Thank you all for understanding!" Khloe added in a subsequent Tweet. "We love you all dearly! Overwhelmed with love right now."

Numerous sources confirm that Kim is resting comfortably in the hospital, that Kanye was by her side during the birth and that everyone is healthy.

It is unknown, however, whether Kris Jenner has seen her grandchild yet or if she has been too busy negotiating a deal with OK! Weekly.


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Khloe Sends Thanks, Gushes Over Kim Kardashian Daughter
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
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I believe Kim gave the wrong due date on purpose cuz in reading a message from 2Chains to kanye 2Chains says kanye told him kim wouldn't let him leave cuz she thought she was going to have the baby. Good for u Kim, keep people wondering.


How many more months do we have to hear about this? Who really cares? How come all the unmarried girls are getting pregnant?
She must have gotten pregnant the minute she laid eyes on Kanye.. What tramps this girls are....really...

@ critic

What if she did get pregnant the minute she laid eyes on Kanye? So phking what! I'm sure you know someone who didn't waste time getting pregnant and sometimes it doesn't matter what DATE you give for your baby's arrival, babies have a way of coming when they feel like it! It's THEIR BUSINESS! So just because she got pregnant , she must be a tramp? Give it a break, give it a shake, will you!


Kim should,donate all money made from her baby pictures,to Peta,SPCA,and the Humane Society.Maybe she can redeem herself,by showing love to animals,since she supports the suffering of animals,for fashion.Shame on you kim and Mr.West.

@ Christie

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. yes, you are absolutely right. but you know she is not going to do it and does not support animals.

@ christieo

@ Christie...I couldn't agree with you more!!!


Kimmode conceived "Klamydya" while she was still Mrs. Humphries. We now know the rush to file divorce at 72 days, the sudden weight gain / wearing Spanx / trips to the gym. This family lies as easy as you breathe. I was full term and 4.7 pounds.

@ cain

So, you don't know anyone that got pregnant while they were legally married to someone else?? I'm sure that if Mr. ugly as a dog Humphries thought that he was the father of Kim's baby, he'd let be known. I mean, that would really swell is ego up more.It's just too bad that it took Kim 72 days to bum hep to humphries trips. So, what are they lying about? If I was in Kim's position, I'd want out of this marrage as soon as possible. It was alright for humphries though, to be out and about with Scuzzy women and there was talk that some woman was pregnant by him.That's alright though. It was alright for him to kick his fiance to the curb so he could date Kim in the beginning. Everyone fingers Kim for everything but phk nuts is allowed to do whatever and no one barks. I wasn't full term -almost a month to go and weighed 6.7 pds. so what's your point?As for grandma Kris, you ca bet she was there unless a torenado blew her away! People, give it a break. Learn the facts more closely and with a grain of salt! Not everything is a soap-opera story!

@ queenofpoland

Thank you I so agree with you. No one says shit about stupid ass Chris Humphrey's ugly ass doing shit.


It's out. Enough about this cow.

@ Robb7

Congrats to the lovely couple!......I wonder if she really delivered naturally!" There's no going back from that. Good Luck to everyone anyhow.

@ Kimberly

I second that, Kimberly! I kind of wondered about the delivery myself. Great minds think alike! I wish them happiness in life and especially now with the baby. The only thing that everyone keeps dwelling on is the negatives and that must be Kim's fault. It's nice to read someone's good wishes to Kim and Kanye. ( I'm not crazy about Kanye but that's Kim's decision and that's her life.) Some of you people just don't get that.

@ Kimberly

She had an emergency c-section .It stated that she wasn't feeling well that's why.

@ Lydia

Thanks Lydia. I doubt she was PLANNING on that!

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