Elin Nordegren Hates Lindsey Vonn So Hard

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Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren is not a fan of his new squeeze.

Elin, who divorced Tiger following the 2009 Thanksgiving Day Car vs. Tree Massacre, "hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance," says a source.

Jealousy? Insecurity? Something specific that Lindsey did?

And the Winner is?

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It's not clear, but the 32-year-old Elin really doesn't like her.

The Swedish-born former model and nanny is "angry Tiger even has visitation rights to the kids," let alone allows the Olympic skier to spend time with them.

There have been various, unsourced reports of Vonn "exploding" at Charlie and Sam, 4 and 5, which would certainly justify Elin's discontent if true.

In any case, it looks like this issue isn't going away.

Tiger, 37, and Lindsey Vonn, 28, have been dating since last fall and went public back in March. They've been seen with his young kids several times since.

Woods, reportedly, "doesn't care" what Elin Nordegren thinks, though they have reportedly been on better terms of late than in past years, so who knows.

Lindsey admits the heavy relationship scrutiny involved in being with Tiger Woods has been "difficult and interesting," and at times tough to deal with.

We're sure it is. But the real question on all of our minds: Which of Tiger Woods' lovely ladies would you rather deal with ... if you know what we mean?!


Elin is now Tiger Woods ex-wife and liked by many. Lindsey could become Tiger's ex-girlfriend??? And still have the publicity she wants.

E johnson

I don't understand how Elin can have hatred for a woman she really knows nothing about. With all the billionaires she dates you'd think she move on with her life. The fuck'd up part about it is that shes been dating as much as she wants and even introduced her kids to a man who was not her long term boyfriend but its an issue for her when Tiger settles into a stable relationship with one girl. Elin cant even say specifically why she hates their relationship. She just needs to chill out, get over herself and workout her unresolved feelings for Tiger.


Two things I like about Elin: she is hotter and that she was born on New Year's Day. But, Lindsey Vonn, who is less attractive, seems nicer and more down-to-earth to me.

@ Ernest

I agree. If by now she is still not over Tiger, she should get counseling heavy duty. Her mistake was to have 2 kids with him which is what will ultimately have them communicating the rest of their lives. She is young and beautiful. Just find someone else and get over it.


Most men picked Elin to do u no wat because she is a typical model, she is easy. Lindsey wouldn't give any of u guys a chance because she is not about money. Lindsey has her own money.


Definitrly Elin


Elin needs serious help and and a grip on reality. Elin saw a meal ticket and grabbed on. She was a nanny for gods sake. Now she whines that the meals are not to her liking. Lindsey must have been bored with the male pipes in the skiing world and is branching into untapped (pun intended) lands. Who knows maybe Lindsey and Tiger are in competing to see how many knotches they can score. Still, Elin knew she was marrying a man-whore that dipped his wick into every open well. She also knew men like that don't change because of a ring and piece of paper.

@ sierra

Most of what you said can be applied to Vonn!!! By the way... Elin was Tiger's wife and she is now his ex- wife and the mother of his two children!!! This nanny bussiness is way past history!!!


ha ha!!!!!!!!!! White chix lub dem sum turd dik...no wonder white women are the fastest growing hiv demo....dey b doin duh brothas.....serves them right


Lookey a couple of stupid white whores who will screw anything on 2 or 4 legs!!! They both do tijuanna donkey shows on the side...id bet both of these hoes have a vagina full of maggots.


Elin, let's meet & make a plan together.


I think her "hate" and "anger" are justified if she feels that her children have been mistreated!!! Several publications( "Celebrity Dirty Laundry", "Bussiness Insider" Showbiz Spy"," International Bussiness Time" and others) are reporting that Vonn "exploded" with the children and that Tiger asked her to move out of his house!!!

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