Danielle Bradbery: Did The Voice Favorite Just Lock Up Title?

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Danielle Bradbery, the 16-year-old Texan, has been a fan and coach favorite all season on The Voice. Did she lock up the Season 4 crown last night?

Adam Levine says she did, and just watching the way this artist - whose public debut was The Voice - is so instilled with natural talent, it's hard to argue.

While indie-leaning rocker Michelle Chamuel and country duo the Swon Brothers gave it their all, Danielle’s ability and likability may be too big of an edge.

What do you think? Watch her final solo song, Sara Evans' "Born to Fly," and an encore of her breakout song, "Maybe It Was Memphis," and vote below!

Who do you think should win Season 4 of The Voice?


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