Cheerios Ad Parody Tells Haters to "Eat It"

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Last month, a seemingly innocent Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed-race family sparked controversy and incurred fierce, racist backlash on YouTube.

Much like the response to Sebastien De La Cruz singing the National Anthem this week, it was enough to make you ask, "What the hell is wrong with people?"

A lot, clearly, and it left a lot of people scratching their heads.

Well, this ad parody circulating online offers an even better response to the firestorm, upping the ante on bigots and telling the haters they can "eat it."

Watch the spoof below, followed by the original after the jump:


Perhaps somene should do a spoof of the Cheerio ad with a 200-300lb white chick as the mother-at least it would reflect an actual every day reality unlike the original spot.

@ truth serum

I agree! If we are going to imitate this "WISHFUL" 21st century life lets get some reality involved in it. How about a 79 Monte Carlo with blue smoke pouring out the ass and inside some 222 lb. white chick driving while their "Homey" is riding shotgun with a little swirl in the backseat. I mean seriously, those 2 in that commercial is an illusion.

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