Angelina Jolie Makes First Public Appearance Since Mastectomy Reveal

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Angelina Jolie accompanied Brad Pitt to the London premiere of World War Z today.

But what would have been a typical event in the life of these A-listers took on a different meaning because it was the star's first public appearance since revealing to the world that she has undergone a double mastectomy.

Angelina Jolie on the Red Carpet

The inspiring star told Us Weekly she feels "wonderful," adding that it's "Brad's night" and she was just on hand for support.

But Jolie's partner could not help but gush over his date.

"I think the world of her, she is an amazing woman," Pitt told People. "She wasn't really nervous about coming to support me tonight, she was so moved – we were all so moved – by how much it meant to others."

Added Angelina in a few words to the BBC before going inside to screen the film:

Jolie told the BBC she's "feeling fine" and she's grateful for all the support.

"I've been very happy just to see the discussion about women's health expanded and that means the world to me. After losing my mom to these issues, I'm very grateful for it and I've been very moved by the support from people."


For all those haters, just leave Angie alone ! If those haters do not have anything good about themselves then don't talk bad about her, just STFU !


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They are have a great family! Hope they do as great as they seem to be. I love Brad's hair!


His ex wife wants her hair back. And congratulate Angelina for brand new boobs.

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why is she a hero? she has that rare genetic defect. she definitely would have gotten cancer. she had to have it done. it wasn't a choice for her.

@ lisi

She's had twins and another child. My sister has as well and she would have surgery because basic inplants would not correct all the damage


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