Zoe Saldana Weight Reveal Stirs Up Controversy

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The latest issue of Allure features Zoe Saldana nude and quotes the actress as saying she's androgynous.

But it's a number on the cover of this magazine that is actually stirring up the most controversy, as editors describe the actress as "115 pounds of grit and heartache."

Zoe Saldana Allure Cover

Why advertise such a low number, many are asking? Doesn't this set a poor example?

"We conclude that 115 is a number meant to represent an attractively tiny weight," writes New York Magazine. "Delicate and tiny, making her "grit" all the more charming. Just a tiny little pretty thing, but boy, little missy packs a punch! A rare catch, that 115-pounder, same size as the prize tuna fish. Either that or they think it's a "healthy" weight. Bizarre and unnecessary either way."
Saldana stands 5'7", notes the website Stlyeite, making it seem like the publication was purposely trying to "drum up" buzz by including the figure.
Adds The Frisky: "There's so much pressure for women, other actresses and models in particular, to look attain a mainstream definition of attractiveness, and how much other women with other bodies weigh is not helpful."
What do you think? Allure listing Saldana's weight is...
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