The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Whine, Whine, Whine

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If there's one thing The Real Housewives of Orange County love, it's wine. Vicki and Tamra launched Wines by Wives last season and now it's time to focus on building their business.

Except they're not really friends anymore, so this should make for interesting office politics.

Join us now as we break it all down with our THG +/- system!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Cast

At Casa Dubrow, Terry asks the most disgusting question a husband can ask a wife. "Do you want to cut my toenails?" Minus 20

These two are still on the outs following their dinner the night before. She tries to explain why she was hurt the night before and he just goes right on clipping his toenails. Minus 10

Heather's issue is that she needs support from Terry instead of jokes. Terry cracks another joke.

Get it together, you two!

The wine is in and Tamra checks to make sure she's the center wife on the label. She and Eddie head out to Malibu for a little wine tasting with the girls. 

Tamra's jealous of Eddie's bike and says if there's anyone he would ever have an affair with, it would be his bike.

Vicki climbs into the limo with the Dubrows and the McLaughlins. She's feeling like a fifth wheel as the only person on the trip without a significant other.

Lydia's kids made a get well card for Slade's son. Super sweet. Plus 12.

Tamra's ready to do some business. Yes, they're sampling wine, but they also need to choose new wines for their mail-order business. 

During the first sampling, the wine goes to Vicki's head and she insults the winery owner by saying she thought he and his daughter were actually a couple. Minus 13.

Heather asks how old the daughter is and she responds "24." Then Vicki adds injury to insult by telling the girl she looks older than 24. Minus 7.

A Vicki Gunvalson Image

Jim and Alexis have a new Sky Zone opening in San Diego so she's not on the Malibu trip. And she wasn't invited in the first place.

They're going to the opening of their trampoline park for kids without their own kids. 

Back in Malibu, the group arrives at their hotel and Vicki turns on the tears and whines about the fact that she's single. Or just there by herself, since she and Brooks are sort of dating but then not? 

At dinner, there's more alcohol. Doug asks which wine they're drinking at dinner and asks who chose it. Tamra raises her hand and Vicki gives her the Evil Eye.

Talk turns to the missing dramatic element of the night: Alexis. Lydia says that Alexis misses Gretchen and Gretchen says she doesn't believe that. 

To change the subject, Tamra asks Heather if she'll get to make out with anyone on her upcoming guest role on Hot In Cleveland. Atta girl, Tamra! Way to shift the focus! Plus 8

Terry starts cracking jokes and Heather's demeanor changes instantly. 

Heather Dubrow Pic

Vicki has a new business venture that she hasn't told Tamra about, one to which she's focusing most of her attention. Instead of helping sell Wines by Wives, she's peddling Vicki's Vodka.

It's day two in Malibu and there are more wines to taste. Eddie and Slade are missing breakfast for cycling. Heather asks if Tamra and Eddie need to have a conversation about the cycling and Tamra tells her that's an argument she'll never win.

Thus begins a conversation about marriage and compromise and pretty soon Terry spills the beans that after their dinner, he dropped the "D" word in conversation with Heather. 

Vicki actually gives sage advice when she says that throwing around the word "divorce" builds a wall between a married couple. Plus 10.

Heather just wants what she gives. That's not too much to ask.

Eddie and Slade arrive from their ride just in time to draw the attention away from Terry and Heather. Plus 5.

Slade Smiley Photo

Instead of tasting and choosing wine, Vicki tries on coats. Then she needs to leave to go to dinner with friends in L.A. even though she's supposed to be on a business trip.

The best thing that could possibly happen for Vicki and Tamra at this point is for the two of them to stop being business partners. 

Tamra calls Vicki a bitch and Vicki calls Tamra a miserable person. 

Heather and Terry take a moment to talk about brunch and he apologizes. He knows he screwed up. They agree to hit the pause button on the conversation and pick it up again after she films. 

Briana brings Troy by Vicki's office because that's the only way she feels like she can see her mom. Vicki gives her side of the story about Malibu and definitely angles the conversation so she's in a good light. Minus 8.

Tamra and Eddie go to dinner to discuss the fitness studio. Tamra has trouble balancing two businesses. She also thinks she has an anger issue given her latest outburst with Vicki.

Tamra doesn't know how to talk about emotion and has a really truthful moment with herself and Eddie about how she reacts to situations. Plus 30. 



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I think Heather is the leader of the Bully Pack. She just keeps the fire going while adding more fuel to it. And that husband of hers.....he needs to grow a pair....


Heather is mean and can't take a joke from her husband. Get over yourself! They will be the next ones to divorce.


Oh, and one more thing....Tammy, get your new BFF's husband Terry to inject some Botox or something around your mouth area. Looking alot old and wrinkled.


What a dumb ass group! I question if this show is even worth watching, with the 3 mean girls and some of the stupidity of all of them.
Terry is a real jerk (Wus) constantly apologizing to the Wicked Witch who knows everything about everything. Tamra is just a rotten bitch and Gretchen really needs a friend, so she hangs out now with Tamra, and Lydia acts and looks like a stupid little two faced kid. Heather, as anyone with a brain, is the leader of that pack. And Vicki better stop crying over Brooks and find a real man. Her daughter should invest more time in taking care of the baby, her weight and fixing herself up, and finding her own place to live and let her mother date whoever she wants. What a disaster this group is. So freakin dumb.


Thank you for stating the obvious, Alexis & Jim opened a park designed for children and DIDDN'T BRING THEIR OWN! I for once can see why Tamara is upset with Vicki, she hasn't even made an effort to help "theri business. Tamara, you need a business discussion with her even if it is through lawyers. That she will understand. Don't assume it will work itself out. Slade I hpray your son is ok, still don't know what the problems are. Briana, get your own house so you can be bossy as yer momma! Lydia, get out while you stilll have a good marriage! They will eat you alive. Heather can't act! Tamara, you need some hormons honey!!

@ aggie



Oh please. Tamra has been crapping on people for three years. Now she wants us all to understand her psycho inner workings? And Heather. Holy shit what a ball buster. Terry is making an ass out of himself apologizing to her all the time. Poor Heather. You gave up so much of your crappy acting career to marry a wealthy plastic surgeon and live in fancy palaces.


where is Coca Cola?


Tamara needs a facelift her make up doesn't cover all the wrinkles her face is reflecting from all her psycho episodes. She really needs to be put on something. She's is just off her rocker... Get a script for some Risperadol maybe some Seroquil something to take the edge off. Of all the housewives shows OC takes the cake for being the most fake and pretentious. Who would want to hang out with ppl lke that..Get real people...


I'm sorry, but I think Alexis and her family need to be kicked off the program. Since when does God tell you to be so greedy? To flaunt, love, buy so much material items... when at the end we cannot take any of it with us to Heaven? When does a leader of a church, preaching the gospel need to be paid such a huge amount? Missionary work, Like Hello! Talk about fake! Slade... grow up and own up to your issues! Then you will find true happines....


I think Eddie is using Tamra. I also think Tamra is going through menopause &it explains why she's so psycho!

@ Rose

Tamara has been a psycho since day 1.

@ Jen

Menopausal since day 1 then! :)

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