Teacher Fakes Illness, Skips School for a Year

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Nice try, Ashley Barker. No, really, we mean that: very, very, very nice try.

The first grade teacher at Laurel Elementary School in Polk County, Florida has finally admitted that she lied for an entire year about her and her father having a terminal illness, a fib that essentially gave her months off work.

Barker Pic

School officials took Barker (above, left) at her word for a long time, permitting her to often leave early and take full days off.

As part of her ruse, Barker sent the principal over 120 letters regarding the disease from which she and her dad were supposedly suffering.

When finally confronted over the misdirection, Barker reportedly gave in and told bosses the truth: she had simply been at home, hanging out.

The school is now trying to terminate the lying teacher, but Barker has hired an attorney to fight for her job.


the irony


That Ashley Barker chick has endless goddamn nerve!!!!! And that dad of hers is such a MORON for going along with this cruel nonsense. Not only does that lying B-I-T-C-H Ashley deserve to lose her job, she also needs to be PERMANENTLY BANNED from teaching...LAZY-ASS BITCH!!!!!


Oh, and NOW she wants her job back? Yeah, right! She probably got time off with pay for a year, and now found a crafty lawyer to get her more money for nothing by reversing the blame. Teachers are ROLE models for children. Is a self professed liar who steals from and works the very system she works for really a good role model?


a role model to americans: A FAT & LAZY DAD!!


Idiots like this give the rest of us teachers a bad name. Not only do I hope they fire her, I also hope they make her pay back all the salary she has collected as well as the cost of insurance, etc she has received over this year.