Senator Rob Portman: Marijuana Use Confirmed!!!

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Rob Portman has stopped the presses once again.

About two months after announcing that he has switched his views on gay marriage, the Ohio Senator has made headlines for admitting the unthinkable in an interview Monday night:

He's smoked marijuana!

Portman admitted to making like Justin Bieber during a BuzzFeed Brews Q&A this week when he was asked by John Stanton if he's ever smoked weed.

"This is all off the record," Portman joked before answering with a simple "yes."

The 57-year old Republican didn’t include any further details, but said that he's been closely involved with drug-prevention measures and programs since his first year in Congress in 1993.

He has concerns about substance abuse overall in Ohio, most notably when it comes to heroin.

“It can devastate your life and it has for many people,” Portman said.

The Senator concluded that he's been honest with his kids about his past, opening up to them them about how he did "experiment" when he was young, but experience has taught him better and he hopes they do not follow suit.

“I tell them [that] having spent a lot of time now in this field," he said.


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it's just part of the youth & a way how you think & will act in life.