Men In Black 4: It's Coming!

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Ah, the franchise.

It's brought us such amazing films as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesTransformers 3, and Scary Movie 5.

Now, another franchise is capitalizing on its immutable success, as Sony has announced it is moving forward with Men in Black 4.

Men in Black 3 Image

Unknown writer Oren Uziel has been hired to pen the script.

No word yet on whether the franchise's stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will return, or whether the franchise will go the Bourne direction and center on new characters.

Also no word on whether Barry Sonnenfield, who directed the first three films, will return.

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sad, sn't joy .... the people so easily tricked... by this crap .. another interracial a-hole buddy love propaganda flop .... lose leader .... power of suggestion.. and the fools pay for it !!!


at least one of them suffers from Alzheimer yet.

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