Kim Kardashian Greed, Baby-Selling Scheme: EXPOSED!

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Kim Kardashian has been caught in yet another scheme.

First, In Touch Weekly revealed how the pregnant reality star is purposely gaining weight in order to profit down the line from some kind of diet deal.

And now Life & Style has exposed what it describes as a "greedy plot," one that is taking place behind the back of Kanye West.

Scheming Kim Kardashian?

According to magazine sources, the rapper has been clear that he has no interest in selling the couple's impending baby photos.

But Kardashian is “already scheming to score a huge payday" for these pics, an anonymous insider alleges.

"Kanye just wants to release a shot of their kid on Tumblr or Instagram, similar to what his buddy Jay-Z did with Blue Ivy," the story reads, adding that when he learned of Kim's dastardly plot, he told her to "stop all negotiations immediately, and that she is to finally start acting like a mom instead of a business women."

Damn. Kardashian slam!

We wonder, however, if Kanye would change his tune if he knew the truth: The Kardashians are broke!!!


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Kim Kardashian Greed, Baby-Selling Scheme: EXPOSED!
Now tell me it's not real!


Wow greedy little bitch just take the money -_- you gold digging whore


Wow! Kim K really knows how to stay exposed! I saw some pictures here too


IM responding to this tabloid with peace and love. Strength is to the man and woman who raises a family. Family is sacred and private. The minute you exploit your affairs to the media, your opening a succubus of spirits, that are perched and waiting to feast on you. Please don't take this the wrong way. Brother Kanye. If your mother was alive would she condone this? IM sure she would want you to be happy, but would she really look in her sons eyes and see stability? Stop playing house, because when you have earned your gray hairs. All that will be physically visible is family. Much love to you and the healthy baby that is ready to enter this world. ONE


What happened to her trying to get prince Williams wife's attention? She is in no comparison with the royals having a baby. What a joke. No one cares about the kardashians they are horrible


I wonder how long this couple will last.. Kanye seems to be the big boss. Kim is use to doing what she wants to do without any interferance , We shall see.!.


There are many people who sold pictures of their babies, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie just to name a few. What's the big Deal. Kanye wants to be like J-Z but he's not J-Z would never conduct himself like he do. J-Z would never have taken his newborn on tour and J-Z married Beyonce and Kanye doesn't even spend time Kim. Kim sell the pictures if u want. Mariah got 20 M for her twins


It will look just like him! and will act just like both of them ! Stupid self center snake in the grass douchebags assholes!!!!!


For the kid's sake, let's just hope it doesn't look like its father. Or act like him either, for that matter.


people do strange things for money.

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