Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Actually Getting Married This Year?!

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So much for being used for her womb.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are actively planning a wedding later this year, according to a new report, and the rapper has a surprising list of stipulations:

No media, no TV and no wedding photos sold for profit.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Photograph

After a year of will-they-or-won’t-they speculation, the duo is going to tie the knot in a lavish wedding right after the birth of their child, Radar reports.

Kim will wear an “ethereal white wedding dress,” an insider claims, at a location “where they can hear the waves and be married under the moon and stars.

Kanye has signed off on all of that, as well as whichever wedding planner she chooses, but he has a few non-negotiables when it comes to the event.

Kanye has made it completely clear to Kim that he does not want any media at the wedding and 100 percent will not sell wedding photos for profit.

“Instead, Kanye says wants to consider a donation to one of Kim’s charities like the Skin Cancer Foundation, or Mattel Children’s Hospital," a source said.

The couple asked for donations in lieu of baby gifts, so if this wedding report is true, Kanye is clearly steering Kim in the right direction once again.

The decision to marry shortly after the baby is born in July comes after Kim ended her 18-month divorce battle with second ex-husband Kris Humphries.

She and Kanye have been talking “about marriage for a long time, so it’s not like Kanye is going to propose and they’ll get engaged," says a source.

"It's been something they’ve both been looking forward to for a while."

“Now that Kim’s a free woman, she wants an immediate wedding. She wants to marry the father of her baby ASAP, but the birth must come first.”

Kanye, who’s been working in Paris, is nevertheless being kept in the loop on “every tiny detail” of Kim Kardashian's house hunt and wedding plans.

What do you think: Kim and Kanye forever?


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Actually Getting Married This Year?!
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Kim has some real problems and is not marriage material. She looks good but so does a trophy or a new car. She is immature, likes the limelight and has no morals. That is not good for a kid to have a mother like that. Just wait until the child hears about that tape Kim made. She will tell her mother don't tell her how to live her life. Kim and Kayne with a baby is a train wreck waiting to happen. Feel sorry for the baby!!!


pretty is as pretty does

@ brenda eller

pretty is as pretty does


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This time I'm pretty sure they be together for along time esp with the baby,Anyways move on people it is what it is the past is the past leave it alone none of our comment is going effect her plus she was born rich without fame she still be rich and what not and trust me I thought she wasn't no good at first after her 1st marriage but otehr then that I think this will last...I can tell she learn her lesson by her 1st marriage or 2nd or whatever with kris. So I'm pretty sure this is it.


Nobody in their right mind would want to marry that slut or get stuck with that sick family. Even Kanye West can't be THAT stupid, can he?


I love both of them for keeping their promise

Chantel cole

These two belong together Kanya a women beater and Kim the Porno video queen with no talent other then selling clothes and being a slut.


Kanye looks like Droopy.........agree?

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