Kim Kardashian: Being Used for Her Womb?!?

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According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian has made a horrifying discovery:

She's being used for her ability to procreate!

The magazine (hilariously) claims that Kardashian is "desperate to wed," but is starting to realize that will never happen… because Kanye West only wants her baby!

Kim Kardashian Used Cover

“Kim thinks that he has checked out of their relationship,” says an insider of West, while another adds: “Kim thought she was getting her happy-ever-after, but things didn’t turn out as she’d hoped."

These totally real quotes come on the heels of another tabloid story that alleges Kanye is cheating on Kim.

And while we're sure both articles are distressing, at least the magazines aren't calling Kardashian fat any longer! So she has that going for her.

Kim, meanwhile, seems unaffected by all the chatter. She just got back from a trip to Greece with her family and a vacation in Paris with her baby daddy.


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Kim Kardashian: Being Used for Her Womb?!?
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This is same trash mag that has been wrong about every story they have printed so far. They make National Enquirer look legit. Kanye chased Kim for a few years. She is the love of his life. So all this trash read is serving the haters. They need people to buy their mag so why not the haters(it's just at Kim's, Kanye's, and baby to be's expense).


Normally I don't Comment on such ridiculous articles but it's getting to the point where whomever is writing this stuff thinks everyone is Stupid. U mean to tell me Kanye waited 35 years to have a baby and chose Kim just to have the baby. If that was the case he could have surely had a baby by one of the other women who he dated his chances of getting the baby for keeps would have been alot easier and why spend any time/thousands of dollars seeing someone u only want the baby from. This is the most ridiculous articles I ever read cuz it makes no sense. Any small minded person who thinks Kim would put her body/appearance through pregnancy for anything other than love is really stupid


"Vacation in Paris!!" I'd hardly call a 36 hour layover as vacation. He never holds her hand, barely looks at her, walks two paces ahead or behind her, and always has this hang-dog face when he's with his baby mama! And all they do is walk around the Triangle d'Or (where all the high-end boutiques are) for a photo-op and pop into Gucci, Prada, et al. It's funny how Kanye has been never been photographed all those months alone in Paris -- that is, until Kim shows up!


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