Khloe Kardashian Labels Kim Kardashian Weight Critics "True Scum"

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We never thought we'd say this, but:

You go, Khloe Kardashian!

With sister Kim still receiving criticism because she's gained a lot of pregnancy weight, Khloe took to her blog today and lambasted online and tabloid haters.

Kim & Khloe Kardashian

"I find it disturbing that society loves to critique a woman's shape," Khloe wrote, joining Cheryl Cole in a defense of Kim's body. "That is low in and of itself, but I cannot tolerate one more vicious attack on my sister!"

Khloe went on to label these haters as "true scum" and then addressed her fellow reality star directly:

"Kim, you may be one of the strongest people I know. I have no idea how you endure such abuse but still smile and shine everyday. I commend you for not putting your head down and going into hiding like so many would...

"You are perfect the way you are! This is your life! Your body! Your baby! I wish you could see how you have this pregnant glow and you sparkle everyday. Your belly is fantastic...You are growing a miracle inside of you! I love you! And I will do anything in my power to protect you!"

Kim, who has now come under fire for possibly taking her baby on tour with Kanye West, was clearly appreciative of her sibling's support.

"I have the best sister in the world," she wrote on her website. "I love you very much, Khloe!"

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its wrong to talk talk bad about some one specially when u dont even know them I love kardashians and only evil humans talk trash...


ummm Khloe ... or maybe Mama Kris wrote that "letter" and sent it public.. ummmm.... either way.... I dont think people are "bullying" KK for being fat, she is pregnant and that's what happens. Only one who apparently did NOT get that message about pregnancy is KIM. Did she think she would just grow a small pretty belly and not have her body grow along with it? Millions of women get very large during pregnancy and seem to manage finding clothes to fit properly. But, I guess if a woman is vain, self-absorbed, attention needy and self-absorbed.. (oh, wait did I say that?).. then she will dress ridiculously and for that , she can be criticized. I can't imagine an OB/GYN DR allowing his patient to cut off circulation in legs and feet without warming of the dangers. Funny how this woman, in any of her interviews, only mentions HERSELF and how hard her pregnancy is (pains?), but yet, is here/there/everywhere.. SHOPPING .. and teetering in high heels.. why is it she never mentions how wonderful it is to give life? Hey, Kim, hate to burst your bubble, but women have done this for millions of years..some out in fields and many without the resources that you luckily have to buy any outfit that they want.. and yet.. YOU are the one who can't seem to figure out what to wear. Dumber than dirt and apparently no mirrors in her house. PS.. if one sister really wrote a note to another sister.. WHY post it online? Does this family know what the word "private" means?


We woudln't comment soo much if Kim wasn't so vain herself! Her looks *or whatever ppl find attractive about it* is what got her on top *no pun intended*. So if she can't take criticism about her weight but she can dish it out then she should just get off the limelight wagon! Plus gf really needs to re-evaluate her fashion sense... WOMAN IS NEARLY 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!!!! She should wear clothes that flatter her figure not show off every bump and roll... So Khloe though what you are doing is endearing just remember you're standing up for a hypocrite which makes you a hypocrite by proxy :D


SHOT UP, you lazy fat ass!!


I have never seen a pregnant women show no belly just fat thought u would always b perfect well ur not make me sick n khloe u look the same stop brown nosingh

@ diva

Kim u look gross kanye will never marry u even though he is one of the ugliest men alive

@ diva

wow so negative.


look its Orca the whale....or is that Shamoo? @ posing w/ her is a she-male named corey i mean khloe


@hateradedrinkitup why you gotta say white woman? Lol


Kudos Khloe...


Well, she is a lying, interloping media hungry whore. Tell her to stay home.


LMAO.....who in the hell cares about what Khloe thinks. She's a ho her damn self. It's Kim Kartrashian - a pregnant woman in the real world has sense.....this chick doesn't and she's the one who puts herself out there for what's the problem. I'm tired of people using the word bullying because they don't like what is being said - people are too damn sensitive LMAO ROTF - A Bully: A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.