Kim Kardashian to Take Baby on Tour: Right or Wrong?

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Kim Kardashian is scheduled to give in July.

A few months later, Kanye West is scheduled to go on tour.

And while the dates/locations are yet to be announced, Kim has reportedly made up her mind: she and the baby are joining their man across the country, possibly even the globe.

Kim Kardashian: Very Pregnant!

The decision is being met with both praise (Way to keep the family together!) and skepticism (Who travels from city to city, hotel to hotel, with a newborn?!?), so now it's time for the THG crew to weigh in:

What do you think of Kim Kardashian and her baby joining Kanye West on tour? Is it the right call?


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Kim Kardashian to Take Baby on Tour: Right or Wrong?
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!


very good pic


I don't see anything wrong with Kim and the baby going with Kayne. At least both parents will be spending time with the baby and bonding with it. I traveled with my son when he was very young it gave us a lot of time together, we both loved it. Good luck to them it will be a great experience for all.


You mean these two (Kim & Kayne) are still together?? Been so busy reading other stuff, I'd lost track of Kim.

@ Jeanne

After you knew he is gay.


Why not? Money to burn, best of everything, it's not as if they would be schlepping the kid around in a camper attached to a pickup bed. But they do need to outfit the kid with earplugs because of dad's loud and obnoxious rap crap.


Why can't she take baby? It's her child she can do as she pleases when it's regarding that, they don't fly on jam packed planes so a private jet and the baby gets to spend as much time with kanye they need to bond at that crucial time! To many busy bodies


If her doctor gives her permission to fly then why not? the airlines do have a strict policy and they will tell her if she cannot fly. I do know it is a risk taker during certain months. I flew when I was pg. I was near delivery too,one month away.


nothing is wrong with them being together. many celebs do it. people who are not celebs do it. best way to keep a family together. and I am not a fan of his.


Home is where the mom and dad are. Newborns are portable and generally travel well. If they use a private jet to travel, as well as help from a nurse/nanny, then why not? Kim can always head home with the baby if she feels the need to.


That child is going to need all the stability it can get the child will be dealing with that pornography video when she is old enough to talk she will be teased about her mothers mistakes life can be cruel Kim needs to quit making mistakes now and act like an adult

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