Happy Birthday, Chris Colfer!

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One of the best young actors on television celebrates a birthday today.

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    I'm going go to add that I like the way Chris Colfer dances to Single ladies, cause I dance to it as well. I'm a dancer myself. And I'm also a writer. I like his songs from Glee, cause their burnt on my burnt CD'S. He's truly the inspirational one. I also like Darren's songs too. But together, they make good music. I love Diet Coke too, it's my original drink. I have Glee DVD'S. 2 of them. I have season 3 and the music videos from the season 1. Chris Colfer sings beautifully, cause he goes by that emotion. I made lists of other popular songs as well. I wonder if Chris and Darren do duets together, it would be fun. Sincerely Lori from Minnesota


    Some of the info in this article is wrong, but I love the sentiment! Happy Birthday to Chris! He's so great.



    I hope you have a very happy birthday. I don't know if you'll actually see this post, but I really hope you do because I mean what I'm about to say. You are my hero. You put up with so much during high school, but you never let any of that stop you from achieving your ambitions. It's so ironic that Kurt was in the same position you were in. Glee helped me through so much, because I was bullied very very badly as well. But aside from Glee, you, as a person, are constantly showing me that what other people think of you really doesn't matter, and there's never any reason to give up on your dreams. And, you show that in life you don't have to stick with doing "one thing." I mean, you're both a writer and an actor! People can do whatever they want, no matter what it is. You've accomplished so much in your 23 years here, and you inspire me to do the same. I hope I can meet you in person sometime, and I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are.


    Chris Colfer,
    Wishing you a happy birthday. And respecting your wishes may come true. Speaking of wishes, Kurt will have one wish, when Blaine have in store for him, for his future, cause Blaine is going to ask him something on season 5 of Glee. If Kurt can listen, to be honest, have respect and to able to open up to Blaine about his feelings anytime. To let Blaine know what Kurt felt about him. Because Blaine likes to have another chance to love Kurt again, but Blaine is going to do it right, respectfully, but he's going by what his heart told him to do, cause hearts is to love someone. Cause Blaine became honest about his. And it's all on Kurt, what he feels about Blaine, be honest about and what would Kurt say to Blaine right now, how he feels about him? At least, Blaine invited Kurt into his future. Two words for Kurt, promise ring and this duet is just suppose an excuse to spend more time with you. Come What May. I'm also a singer myself, I was taught to sing high, professionally. I'm an alto, who can sing on C scale, so I'm the same range as Darren and Blaine. If Kurt still loves Blaine and be honest about it, what would he think? Kurt's moment about Blaine, Candles. Happy birthday, Chris Colfer. Glee music lover, Lori from Minnesota.

    @ Lori

    @Lori This article is about Chris Colfer, Not Kurt Hummel, or Darren Criss, or Blaine, or Klaine. It is celebrating a remarkable young man's 23rd Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Chris, thank you for showing us all that with hard work, commitment, talent and the ability to dream, anything is possible. You only fail when you stop trying right!!!


    Happy Birthday Chris!



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