Guy Gives Abercrombie & Fitch Clothes to Homeless, Sticks it to CEO

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In response to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries' recent comments about not wanting fat girls or "not so cool" kids in his stores, one guy decided to fight back.

Greg Karber came up with what he felt was a funny and creative way to "readjust the Abercrombie & Fitch brand" ... giving their clothes to the homeless.

After scouring a local thrift shop's "douchebag section," Karber headed to LA's Skid Row to dole out all the A&F clothes among the homeless population.

The results of his #FitchTheHomeless effort and his bid to troll the retailer and its suspect business practices are pretty amusing. Take a look below:


Many believe that the whole idea of #fitchthehomeless is degrading because the homeless people are being used to contrast the idea of cool. The attempt to #fitchthehomeless looks down upon homeless people as "unworthy," or lesser human beings. And it’s not clear how or whether, from the homeless perspective, this stunt is actually helping anything. P1124 is another company in contention for the title of no. 1 brand of the homeless. P1124 has started a “Wear One, Share One” campaign to clothe the same group homeless people on Skid Row. But unlike the #fitchthehomeless movement, whose goal is to shame Abercrombie without regard to the wellbeing of the homeless, P1124's goal is to uplift and bless the homeless. The “Wear One, Share One” Campaign is simple; buy one shirt, get two, one to wear, one to share. The goal is to #uplifthehomeless, and show them that they are worthy of receiving the same new clothes that we purchase for ourselves. Very interesting… P1124 is currently raising funds on indegogo, check it out:

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