Zach Braff Kickstarter: $2 Million Goal Reached!

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It took only 3 days for Zach Braff's Kickstarter project to reach its $2 million goal.

After launching a Kickstarter last week to fund his new film Wish I Was Here, Braff gets to sit for 24 more days watching the till, which at the point of publishing sits at $2,224,565, continue to rise.

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Is it fair for celebrities with tons of money, fame, Hollywood access, and say, a wildly successful, long-running sitcom that's currently in syndication on like 100 channels, to crowdfund their movies?

Braff was inspired by the Veronica Mars Kickstarter earlier this year to subvert the Hollywood system and make a movie by donation.

But given that Braff's first movie Garden State earned over $35 million in theaters on just a $2.5 million budget, as well as numerous award nominations, you'd think Braff would be able to get a film made within the system.

Do you think Kickstarter should be off limits to celebs? Or can Zach Braff and the like use their fame to crowdfund their projects with ease?

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The more I think about that the more angry I get! He's nothing but a predator who preyed on the gullible fans to pay for the production of a film he could have easily funded himself or gotten studio funding for!


Terrible and unfair state of affairs. What a total con.


He's a douche bag. Seriously. If his mother was ill, he'd probably let Medicare take care of her instead of dipping into his own wallet. I agree with Steve, if you got the money to spare, and feel strongly about it, you should put your money where your mouth is. I personally find having to ask for funds for our web series to be one of the most humbling and gut-wrenching things I have to do. To think he could afford to do it himself, but won't, makes me nauseous. I was never a fan, but now I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.


only americans are NAIVE enough to obey!!


Little guys like me - the ones who don't have the name he has, the cache he has, the Hollywood connections he has, the hit sitcom under his belt that he has, the movies he's been in - find it a little bit obnoxious that he's using crowd funding to make a film that we'll then have to go pay to see in the theatres and/or buy the DVD and/or VOD it. But it's a free country and it doesn't say anywhere on Kickstarter that millionaires can't ask regular folk to pay their bills. It's kinda how our country works at the moment in general, isn't it? There will be those who say, "But he's bringing all these eyeballs to the site who will look and fund other projects" and I respond by saying, "Yeah, those are the same people who claim they donate to charity and have never given one dime to anything." :) If I was in his shoes, I would use my own funds and/or my own connections, but that's just me.

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