Wesley Snipes Released From Prison

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Wesley Snipes has officially been released from prison.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confirms he was let out April 2 and transferred to the N.Y. Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his house arrest.

On July 19, the troubled actor will truly be a free man.

Wesley Snipes Mug Shot

If you recall, Snipes was sent to McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania after he was convicted for failing to file federal income tax returns.

Tax evasion. It's not sexy as crimes go, but it's got teeth.

Dude has been in there since December 2010!

April 15. Mark it on your calendars, THGers.


welcome home NINO! Inshallah the AKHIS made it easy for you inside the walls. I wish you peace blessings and continued success champ!


well i guess no celebrity is higher than the law or is able to get out of trouble. Well Snipes has done the time and all of this belong to the past. Quite admirable actually that despite his fame the guy doesn't use it to escape prison time. Can't wait to see him acting again. All the best


Been there and done that...Hopefully,never again...On that note,I'll just say: "Welcome Back,Mr. Snipes. I'm glad you made-it through."


I thought his bus crashed on the way to Prison and he escaped? Anyway two years? Yikes. The real criminals who run the banks go free, while someone who missed out on paying some taxes gets two years... Great system.

Christy marie
@ MewmewGirl

I know, sorry system we have for sure. The government can sure screw us, but dare screw them!! Two years seems like to much for that crime also.


Glad to hear Wesley Snipes is out of prison. Wish him lots of luck Waiting for his new movie.


....Billy Ocean was his role model?

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Wesley Snipes Mug Shot
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