Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: Fighting Over Dancing With the Stars, Peta Murgatroyd?

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Is Peta Murgatroyd, the Dancing With the Stars pro paired with Sean Lowe this season, coming between The Bachelor star and fiancee Catherine Giudici?

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    I luv Peta and Sean !! I have no doubt Sean made the wrong choice I hope the best for him though!! Cathrine Seems` sweet but She could be a jealous Girl! Who Knows! Peta is Really Pretty!!


    Peta was all over him during the judges comments and he was obviously uncomfortable. She was waaaaaay out of line. Almost goading his fiancée

    @ Rebecca

    They have been having sex thats why


    I am so glad Sean is cheating on Cat with peta..Him and Peta are a perfect couple. I cant stand this whore Cat she is a total slut..I did a background check on her and she went through men like daily. Sean needs a good girl like Peta..not some town slut like this Asian chick


    WTF Sean!! You don't deserve Catherine's love at all! Just because you're on TV doesn't mean you're already a celebrity running around with that half naked woman! I really hope you stop messing around and get real with your life.


    I hope Sean got voted off so he could spent time with Catherine not Peta. He shouldnt have gone in this show in the first place.


    So...Sean and Catherine already fighting??? Gee, whiz...what a surprise...NOT NOT NOT!!!!! More and more, Catherine deserves way better than Sean...who is acting more and more like a lust-crazed teenage boy in a candy store. Gimme a fuckin' break!!!!!

    @ jaybird369

    They been fighting like cats and dogs since way back in Jan, even before the show was way they will last. Once DWTS is over so is this relationship. They are only together so dumb bachelor fans can vote for him on DWTS. The guy is a horible dancer. He is getting by casue he is like the HS jock, and is popular, but soon he'll be like Jake Buttvilka, and a laughing stock!!

    @ Calvin O Neal more ways than one, I believe you. Once The Bachelor and The Bachelorette each finish filming, the so-called romance is O-V-E-R. Also, Sean acted like a stupid-ass/punk-ass B-I-T-C-H and eliminated Desiree (my FAVORITE from the recent Bachelor season). And, hell yeah...Sean is such a horrible-ass dancer. I cannot wait for the moment when they vote Sean's very untalented ass off of DWTS. Tick Tock Tick Tock. LOL!!!!! And, supposedly, Sean whined and weaseled his way onto DWTS because of his supposed popularity on BOTH The Bachelorette and (especially) The Bachelor. Gimme a fuckin' break. Most of all, Sean's so-called 15 minutes of fame will be over...VERY SOON!!!!!

    @ jaybird369

    The dude cant dance to save the Titanic. She sucks...his solo dance was the worse, he is going on popularity right now..and he knows full well if he acts cold with Cat he is done with the show..and dont think she aint in on this BS scam..she is getting paid good money also..if not she wouldnt be in LA with him..esp in a sexless relationship..PATHETIC to say the least..yet stupid Bachelor fans think these two are madly in love..its all an act..and that solo kiss act was a plan...just to make lonely women weep at home and vote for him..its just part of the scam. These two will milk the cow as long as they can..after the milk is out, they will call it over officially!


    I feel bad for Catherine. Peta is half naked & is all over Sean. She is a whore! Sean and Catherine belong together & I hope Sean tells Peta to back off! Any woman would feel jealous knowing her guy is dancing close with a half naked woman but I hope Sean proves to Catherine that their love will last. He should not have done DWTS, as he should focus on his fiancé, not DWTS so soon after they became engaged.

    @ Susan

    I have very good reliable sorces that are saying him and Peta had sex last week!

    @ Calvin O Neal

    why you know sean having sex with peta last week you'll be there

    look your self first before you judge




    Peta Murgatroyd is a skanky slut so anything is possible.

    @ Detsaw Opp

    She is AWESOME, the real slut is Cathrine! A total slut I checked her out, in college she only dated black guys and was in a relationship with a college basketball player. She only went for a white nerd like Sean to get fame. They'll break up and I'm sure if she comes to SF she'll even hook up with me for a one night stand!


    she's a fur lover..............CUDGEL THOSE BABY SEALS, folks!!

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