Report: American Idol Tried to Replace Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez

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With ratings down and no finalists making an impact on the national consciousness, this is one way for American Idol to make headlines:

A new report claims producers tried to get ex-judge Jennifer Lopez to replace current judge Mariah Carey... DURING THIS SEASON.

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Jennifer Lopez in Beige

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a plan was hatched to bring J. Lo back into the fold, until Carey and her team threatened legal action against the show if Mariah was actually fired.

A Fox spokeswoman has labeled this clam yet "another ridiculous Idol judge rumor" and says it started because Lopez may perform on the May finale.

Producer Nigel Lythgoe, meanwhile, has gone on record with "I have not been included in any conversation regarding replacing Mariah with Jen this season."

Despite a strong set of female singers - Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb are especially notable - ratings continue to plummet for Idol.

The Wednesday performance show is averaging a 4.3 with adults 18-49, its lowest mark since the show's inaugural season in 2001.

This plan may have been foiled (if it ever existed), but you tell us: Which singer do you prefer as a judge?


We only guess where this rumor started, by the “queen of the tabloids” herself, Jlo and her team, First of all why would bring back a judge that was already fired for bring on the lowest TV ratings in Idol history??????? and second, didn't JLo herself say she quit Idol because she was to busy making new movies and music albums??? Well it’s been a year now and haven’t seen anything yet which confirms her story that she was really was fired from Idol, and third , Jlo and her team, better start worrying about what her ex limo drivers has to say to FBI investigators about what he knows about Jlo and her manager Benny Medina illegal activities that he witness and lost his job for knowing too much, that brought on a 20 million lawsuit against him to keep his mouth shut, which JLo and Benny Media lost in court last year??? We can only image what illegal activities Jlo and Media did to enhance her career????


Truly, Mariah Carey is a better singer and entertainer than she is as a singer. Nicki Minaj is the opposite of her. Jennifer Lopez is in-between.

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