White House Bomb Threat, AP Twitter Breach a Joint Effort By Two Hacking Groups

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Two hacking groups are taking responsibility/credit for the cyber attacks Tuesday against the White House and AP, and both are likely telling the truth.

Obama Outside White House

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claims it "owned" the AP after hacking into its Twitter and reporting that President Obama was injured in an explosion.

SEA has hacked Twitter for months to spread political messages, but it looks like they had some help in this case as part of a coordinated hacker effort.

Exposed, the group behind most of the major L.A. celebrity swatting incidents in recent weeks, says it was behind the White House swatting as well.

According to reports, the groups are connected and have members working for both operations, and Exposed has never shied away from admitting it.

Exposed came out first to claim credit for the bomb threat, followed by SEA taking credit for the AP prank, which it very much looks like was connected.

Where will they strike next? We can only guess.

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