Maryland Sorority Girl Email: Delta Gamma Board Member UNLOADS on Sisters in Epic Rant

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A University of Maryland sorority girl recently penned an email to her (apparently underperforming) fellow Delta Gamma sisters that defies comprehension.

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    WOW Barbie the Bully!!! Time to come back to earth from your "Power trip"! Very sad that THIS is what your life revolves around!!! How small the world inside your head must be... You should try Midol... no actually they have MUCH STRONGER DRUGS for ppl like you.. actually.. sorry to tell you: There is NO "FUCKEN" CURE for stupididy!!!


    I can say two things about her:
    1. She's going to weather this and go on to run a large corporation.
    2. She is probably an insatiable tiger in the sack. You go girl!


    hahaha what a clown this bitch is beyond stupid in every way ! she was hot til she opened her dick sucker ! what a joke , shes the reason theres domestic assults in this country . what a self centered idiot . id cave he mouth in if she talked to me like that , worthless whore !!! LOL


    To all the haters, fuck you. You're all fucking losers. Go fuck yourselves. To this badass chick, BRAVO. We need more people with passion.

    @ Adam

    adam your a poser idiot !!


    I don't give a shit who she is, if she spoke to me like that would have to smack the hell out of her. She is nothing but a foul mouthed little bitch. Is that the only pose she knows?


    Call me


    She's hot. I would do her in a heartbeat. Nice ass.


    This email was an awesome expression of pure feelings. Regardless about how you feel about her position on the subject, she was completely right to reprimand the other girls who were not adding value to the organization. Also her bangs are fine don't knock them


    those are some ugly-ass bangs. and eat a fucking cheeseburger, twat snot! jeez!

    @ bry

    fucking Dick Grabbers always were cunts


    The email is hysterically funny.

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